The End of an Era

2021.09.24 23:13 EnvironmentDizzy2740 The End of an Era

It’s official. I am leaving Walmart for good. Last August, a few months after graduating high school, I was hired at Walmart part-time. I started in OGP and haven’t left since. It’s been a crazy journey, a lot of ups and plenty, plenty, PLENTY of downs lol. I’ve made some amazing friends and I’ve met some of the most wonderful, inspiring and just all-around great people.
This coming Sunday I will be putting in my two weeks. I found a job that is better (financially and mentally/physically/emotionally lol) and I’m ready to part with Sam for good. It’s been a crazy ride and one I’m really glad I got to take.
To any new OGP crew members, the only advice I have for you is to remember that there is a light at every tunnel. Just keep pushing and doing the best that you can and you’ll be fine. I have absolute faith in you.
Good luck 🤎
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2021.09.24 23:13 Aggressive_Theme7229 AITA for not wanting to adjust my son's life for my husband's daughter?

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2021.09.24 23:13 Ok_Philosopher_9842 second hand grief

my closest friends dad died from cancer yesterday. i only met her dad once and didn’t know him that well, but i am a complete mess. initially the sadness was because of the situation itself, but the moment i saw my friend at the funeral i just lost it. i cried so much and almost a day later i’m still sad to the point i can’t go about my day properly. i cant talk to anyone about this because “you didn’t even know him personally” and “you cant even imagine what she is going through “ i dont know how to cope with this and i don’t know how to be there for her. i just feel heavy.
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2021.09.24 23:13 yzri Slept in today 🧙

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2021.09.24 23:13 fshot01 ich_iel

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2021.09.24 23:13 DornMetal Halsey

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2021.09.24 23:13 tristan5565 Minor ED problem

Hey guys I’ve recently been wanking a lot like Atleast once daily for the past year or so and want to stop and want to stop porn so going to start no fap but I also have some symptoms of ED where I’m not keeping an erection for longer than a few seconds and keep going soft, will no fap help me cure this and should I do anytning else
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2021.09.24 23:13 blondemohawk I finally have all my favorite villagers and their respective photos. 🥰

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2021.09.24 23:13 Chesterrocks1 Why is there no merch? I really want some action figures from this show

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2021.09.24 23:13 AdmittableMinion Wake me up when September ends

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2021.09.24 23:13 artistcourtney Drum & Bass Mix (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube)

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2021.09.24 23:13 Chemical-Specific-90 I Need to Vent

Firstly, I’d like to ask if anyone’s ever googled an absentee parent and thought to themselves “God, I really hope I see an obit.” I kind of feel bad for saying that but my dad was absent my entire life and showed up about a year or so ago to threaten me into trying to talk to my mom for him about making her stop having him back-pay all the child support he never paid while I was growing up.
Secondly, I’m in the midst of a kerfuffle with my mother and her wife because… it’s a long story:
• They started dating when I was about 11. I never did well in school, and one day my mom’s [then girlfriend] was lecturing about my grades and I was basically like “Why do you care? You’re not my mom.” She got so mad at me and she never let it go, even though I apologized shortly thereafter.
• It’s also important to note that both of the girlfriends my mom had were verbally abusive. The first one did it when my mom was around. The second one (now her wife) did it when she wasn’t around. I mean everything about me -nonstop- was under fire. Appearance, sexuality, masculinity, weight, athletic interest/ability, everything. Everything. I mean, I was 7 years old crossing my arms shirtless because I was so ashamed of my body. And basically, my mom was like “It was teasing, no one meant anything, don’t let it bother you, I know she said some nasty stuff but just forget about it.” It was one of the reasons she and her first girlfriend broke up. So when the second one starting doing it, it stopped real quick… but still happened behind the scenes occasionally.
• Fast-forwarding to today, I recently dropped out of uni for mental health reasons. My mom is doing that thing where she says she’s not angry or disappointed, but is being really passive-aggressive about it because I don’t think she understands how big of a deal it was for me. We had a fight where she said probably some of the most hurtful things she’s ever said: “I’ve tried so hard to support and understand you.” (Made me feel like even more of a broken person.) “It feels like you don’t want to be a part of this family.” and this one- “You need to apologize to [stepmother] because [so long ago] you said she wasn’t like a mother to you, and you haven’t treated her like one since we got married.”
Now… I could be misremembering, but I did apologize- and she has never acknowledged or apologized for the things she’s said to me. And I’ve never even expected her to because it was a literal decade ago. Not only that; but I’ve remembered her birthday and included her in Mother’s Day, I’ve helped her around the house without anyone asking me to, and I’ve gotten her stuff just to show her I was thinking about her. Things she can’t even depend on her own son to do, and he’s the same age as me.
So on top of that my mother is charging me an exorbitant rent but also trying to make me feel like an asshole for wanting to move out. I have always done the bulk of the housework and honestly I’ve been the one to get our family together for dinners and outings over the years since she hardly keeps in touch with her own parents.
Am I an asshole for thinking I’m being given the shit end of the stick here? Am I wrong to be as angry and depressed about the whole situation as I am? It’s honestly causing a huge flare in all of my symptoms. Idk how I’m controlling myself because the urge to self-destruct has never been stronger.
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2021.09.24 23:13 Romanian885 Umm can somebody explain please?

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2021.09.24 23:13 Wishmaster8374774 What would a female do if a coworker grabbed her and tried to kiss her on the lips?

What would a female do if a coworker grabbed her and tried to kiss her on the lips?
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2021.09.24 23:13 rustydittmar Jamaal Williams for Alexander Mattison? I have Dalvin Cook. 1/2 pt ppr

I don't have a lot of needs at RB, just yet. I have Chris Carson, Mike Davis, Ty'Son Williams, and Jamaal Williams also on my roster.
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2021.09.24 23:13 novno08 They aren’t wrong

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2021.09.24 23:13 YTLinkerBot Final Voyage (Das Letzte Land) | Amazing Epic Sci-Fi Adventure Movie | English Subtitles

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2021.09.24 23:13 Ghenkl I did it. 6 months without smoking. My next post will be 1 year smoke free so guess ill see you 6 months later ;)

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2021.09.24 23:13 Mayer_Barzini Neutralize the Drone threat in Windy island Province | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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2021.09.24 23:13 Sad-Soundcloud DamesNotDead - Big Boof

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2021.09.24 23:13 UnlimitedChances Is cooling down a torch with a fan a bad idea?

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2021.09.24 23:13 ManufacturerGuilty25 yahama dt50 circuit diagram

bought a yahama dt50r 2011 :) but a lot of wires are cut and can’t find circuit diagram online, does any have one?
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2021.09.24 23:13 Crafte_d An SSTO with 50 tons payload capacity to LEO in RSS - The Peregrine 4

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2021.09.24 23:13 Skii808 [FREE] Yanko X K1 N15 X Nito NB UK Drill Type Beat - "PRESS" | UK Drill Instrumental 2021

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2021.09.24 23:13 Jazzynupexbox I Pushed Society to the BRINK of Collapse in Timberborn

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