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2021.09.24 23:39 Chris_Cars [SCI-FI] The fake general

Hi there. I want to share a new plot and in this case I wanted to post a plot about interstellar wars to get first to a new galaxy. I'm looking for someone willing to rp as a the fake general. That character can look like a human, an alien, furry (wolf,lion,tiger,lizar,etc). The fake general is basically an android made to replicate the real one because he used to be a really representative person feared by his enemies.That wasn't the first try to create a replacement of the general because there were some other clones that hasn't been successfully created (some of them got lost too). After the enemy team created a plan to capture the general they realise he's a machine so I'll be playing as an engineer trying to study how a machine of that kind is possible and to extract information from it. They're programming still "basic" (they can do some conversations but still a bit robotic specially)
I'm a semi lit roleplayer and I prefer to roleplay on discord to keep everything organized. Feel free to ask questions or suggestions. Comment down here or pm me if you're interested. See you soon. I'll leave the more detailed plot down below.
There are two factions that develop their space traveling technology: Wolverse Squadron and Dark Dusk. Technology started to evolve quickly. The first quantic computers started to be created and used to space traveling. There are some simple robot prototype around only capable of doing basic tasks. At that point companies discarded the robots could go beyond because the materials from Earth weren't enough to create more advanced ones. However this is a race for the domain of one new Galaxy called Nexus. A lot of people want to go there, but that's the main reason a war started between the two factions. The war started in 2092 and different planets had been colonized during the previous years by the two factions.
However, it seems like Dark Dust is wining this race.
Their commander of Dark Dust has been doing a good job organizing all the resources and weapons he had. He's a famous person between friends and enemies. They had been hiding in a secret base where that team has been mining new metals and resources. Specially one that is very effective when it is used for fabricating chips and computers called Comp-56. It has a very effective electricity manage and it's easier to find than gold (if you're in that classified planet of course). That new metal started to be used to create smart weapons and improve their chips. It looks like they will win.
Of course, Wolverse Squadron wouldn't let them win in an easy way. Their intelligence team had found other physics phenomenon that could improve the radio communication and radar systems called Gravantrox. A physical phenomenon that alters radio waves and gravity partially. Thanks to that systems, Wolverse Squadron discovered Dark Dusk's general might know something. Wolverse Squadra made a plan to capture the General. It was a really complex plan because the general hasn't been seen during the last two months so easily at public. The few times Wolverse found Dark dusk general, he had a lot of security around. That didn't stop Wolverse to finish the mission. After a lot of bullets and bombs were used. The infiltration team captured Dark Dusk general but there was a problem. One of the bullets hit the general. Wolverse needed him alive.
The took the fake general to surgery. Inside the surgery room, medics started the procedure to take off the bullet. The did the seizure, studied the situation and one of them started to extract the bullet. However, something was wrong. Surprisingly, there was not only a bullet. The bullet got extracted but a lot of cables started to appear. Some chips, batteries... the general isn't human... it a robot. And android. Few hours later one of the best engineers of the Wolverse Squadra was called to investigate the android. They didn't know if to be impressed or scared. The engineer would have the mission to extract any information from the robot fake general.
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Anyone else feel like Balance's only claim to fame is that loremaster is an annoying spell to have to play around? like it seriously feels like Loremaster is the only reason Balance has any viability as a boss against you, and even some minion enemies.
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Seeking a lady , age range (21-42), who appreciate the connection and love. I am fit, athletic, 5'11 inches. My exes used to compliment me on various skills such as kissing, looking into her eyes with love, which used to give her butterflies. Missing that gentle soft touch which would give you goose bumps. Missing giving those soft kisses all over the body. Message me if you think you are looking for the same.
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When did you find happy tree friends? (FNF is Friday night funkin
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Easy example, I sue someone for lying about me. I do not settle. I say that I want them to admit, on camera, publicly, they they lied.
Can the judge compel that kind of speech?
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