Time in recovery Vs. Time on drugs

2021.09.24 23:20 Important_Brother158 Time in recovery Vs. Time on drugs

 Anyone else noticed that life in recovery seems so slow paced compared to life in active addiction? Not that I have a problem with that, but I remember when I relapsed back in march, I started using and of the sudden …BAM… it had been 3 months of drinking and drugging! I’ve been sober for 3 months now, but it feels like i’ve been sober for well over a year, especially with all the crazy events that have taken place in this time. When I was using, every day was exactly the same, so I guess that’s a large part of it! Sending love to all my sober homies! It feels so great to be growing again, especially after stunting my development for years at a time😅 Cheers! 
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2021.09.24 23:20 Mihaixzq Achilles Tendon Rupture / surgery after running

Good Evening,
Two and half months ago i broken my achilles tendon while doing some exercise for heating up to go for a run.
I got surgery to repair my tendon via krakow procedure according to the doctors, i stay in bad for about 3 weeks then i remove my foot bandage a start walking with a special leg orthosis for 2 more weeks, then the doctor recommended me to start the kinetoteraphy for my foot, the thing is that i think i started to soon with the procedures as it seems like the tendon area got swollen , i attach 3 pictures from today with my leg. My Question is : If anyone had achilles surgery did you have this sort of swollen thing around the surgery ?
Pictures : https://imgur.com/WePjeEP

Many thanks for answers in advanced.
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2021.09.24 23:20 JKeetonKnives Is my Nexus 7 2013 a brick?

I have a Google Nexus 7 (2013) that I purchased in 2014. It charges up just fine and will web browse. It does not, however, allow me to install the update to 5.1. And it doesn't seem to allow me to download apps from the google play store.
It will download the update, go to install and restart, give me an "error", then reboot.
I'm looking to use this simply as a DRO display screen for my mini-mill with Yuriy's Toys TouchDRO app.... nothing fancy. I can navigate to the app in the google play store, however, it will not allow me to install it.
Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
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2021.09.24 23:20 Thurman_Merman6969 Overly strict subs are extremely annoying due to the difficulty of being able to post in them

So many subs have such strict guidelines that everything you post gets removed by a bot. It really takes the fun out of participating in that community because everything you post automatically gets removed. It gets to a point that you can’t contribute and end up losing interest in the sub.
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2021.09.24 23:20 yee2446 Does everyone else also have to constantly swallow their spit??

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2021.09.24 23:20 Marinin_kutak Medium and mini Cydaquil for a custom order 🤩

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2021.09.24 23:20 ShortAlgo $OMC Awaiting Buy signal. https://t.co/cJPRYssuba

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2021.09.24 23:20 swagNextTuber 'Gutfeld!' beats all late-night shows on their widely hyped 'Climate Night'

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2021.09.24 23:20 HVomni3805 The CBP Haitian Migrant story

I'm so lost on this one. I don't understand the kneejerk condemnation of these agents, Biden's and many others' claims that migrants were strapped (there appears to be no evidence of this and photographers have denied it, but apparently it's still OK for The Today Show to report it and Twitter to aggregate it without fact-checking) or Yamiche AlcindoJen Psaki and MSNBC and AJ+ and others pushing the idea that CBP was armed with whips (reins are not whips and kinda mandatory when controlling a horse).
I can see having a conversation about whether we can take in more asylees and how to do it, how to process asylees faster, whether CBP should/shouldn't use horses in certain situations (which should be a conversation grounded in reality, not in appearances) and so on.
But when it comes to the situation on the ground, it seems like people are trying to retroactively condemn border agents for simply doing the jobs they're supposed to do. If someone knows of any government policy that says CBP is not supposed to use horses when near migrants, I'll happily stand corrected on that point, but I doubt it.
And I'd like to hear of some kind of explanation as to what critics would like to see individual agents such as these do under these particular circumstances. That's different than saying what you'd like to see in terms of broader immigration/border reform, it's a question about how you expect these particular people (condemned by the administration) to act when confronted with the reality of the moment: people are moving to an area where they're legally not supposed to be and they aren't obeying your lawful commands to stop. Do you expect them to dismount and tackle individual migrants, use tear gas, simply let them pass because they've decided that the law doesn't apply to them or... what?
It seems like it's the same people who praise New Zealand for locking down their borders to control Covid who are then freaking out at the thought that force might have to be used to control our own for the very same reason. We have no idea who among them might be infected, who might be a criminal, etc.
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2021.09.24 23:20 Charlieandgreen_ [xb1] W: A nice flamethrower fully modded, preferably anti armour H: caps/ couple 3* junkies explosive LMGs

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2021.09.24 23:20 PandaRB6 What transmission do I have? It’s a 06 Dakota 4.7 RWD. I can’t tell if it’s a 45RFE or a 545RFE or am I looking in the wrong place. This is on the trans

What transmission do I have? It’s a 06 Dakota 4.7 RWD. I can’t tell if it’s a 45RFE or a 545RFE or am I looking in the wrong place. This is on the trans submitted by PandaRB6 to Dodge [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 23:20 CabbageDweller The right icon on the kiosk outside the Roost seems to look like a house with arrows and it getting bigger, do you think this could suggest we might get the option to upgrade buildings ie The Cranny and Mabel’s?

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2021.09.24 23:20 Accomplished_Nail853 I'm sorry Ahmed Gamez 😂😂♥️

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2021.09.24 23:20 SirSkulls So I need to get to 100 subscribers so I can claim my URL. Help!!

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2021.09.24 23:20 psychothumbs The great, good, bad and unknown in the reconciliation bill

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2021.09.24 23:20 Oxianas IRNT, the unsqueezable squizzle

The IRNT squeeze will fizzle.
We know this because of a red herring prospectus filed with the SEC yesterday, which promised to issue new shares as well as a secondary offering. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgadata/0001777946/000119312521279697/d207573ds1.htm After the effective date of the offering, PIPE investors will also be free to unload. This will flood the market with shares and immediately drain all the juice.
Some misinformation was posted in other dark corners of the interwebs yesterday to the effect that PIPE investors will be able to sell next week or that they could sell already, and because of this, many people got excited about weekly puts, causing some retail sentiment to shift bearish and a -20% day yesterday, which IRNT has partially recovered from today. However, the reason this is inaccurate is that the relevant date is the effective date, not the date that the SEC accepts the prospectus. We still do not have this information, but it is a matter of when, not if.
Earlier today, shares of IRNT were available to borrow at an 859.5% fee, before they were all scooped up by short sellers. https://iborrowdesk.com/report/irnt This time of information is usually taken as encouragement by intellectually challenged retail traders, but consider that it means that some people are willing to pay that interest rate to short this stock, which suggests that they think it will fall by more than half in just over a month.
At the same time, warrants on IRNT, which are basically single share 11.5 strike call options that can be exercised after the offering, are trading at around $6.20 after hours as I write this, while IRNT is trading at $26.6. This prices in an $8.90 decline in the spot price, and remember that it is an option, so there ought to be some premium too.

The options chain does not show large buyers scooping up huge numbers of options expiring soon, but it's worth noting that put IV is much higher than call IV, suggesting strongly bearish sentiment.

Basically, the squizzle is coming. It is not a matter of if, but when.

Position: Lots of 10/15 15p. Subject to change and all the usual disclaimers about me being an idiot apply.
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2021.09.24 23:20 swagNextTuber Man’s best friend: Dog alerts neighbor when owner has stroke

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2021.09.24 23:20 Uni_blif Coursehero help

Anyone who bought coursehero willing to share a doc with me? I really need it for one of my class assignments.
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2021.09.24 23:20 ptg0nie5 Who do you think is the manliest idol?

By manly here I don't mean the most muscular or anything like that, but more on the vibe, charisma and personality. Who do you think is the manliest idol and why? One example I can think of at the moment is Sechskies' Eun Ji Won.
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2021.09.24 23:20 CaroKannyeWest Today I finally did it. I left my well paying corporate job of 18 years to make just 14/hr working at a place I love (an animal shelter)

18 years working 50-60 hours a week. And many weekends as well. Going to bed on Sunday nights dreading the week ahead.
I was able to save and invest my money wisely so I could transition to something I would feel better about (helping animals). I'm going to make very little money, im going to go in everyday cleaning up after animals, I may have to witness some sad stories of animal abuse. But at least Im helping the world (not just crunching spreadsheets in an unrewarding field of work).
My stress starts when I clock in and ends when I clock out. No more sleepless nights worried about being yelled at by my manager or missing sales numbers.
I feel free and had few to share it with so I wanted to share it here.
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2021.09.24 23:20 Pagos13 Dogira | V2 token Edition | $6 Million Marketcap | Blockchain Gaming on Matic | Long term hold

The Dogira updated contract launch did NOT disappoint. In case you only remember Dogira from it’s memecoin days, here’s a little bit a brief history of the project since those early days:
• Lead by Eoghan, an original Dogecoin developer
• Raised more than $50,000 for animal charities in partnership with Vira-Lata
• Secured sponsorship slot for a player in an upcoming BattleBots tournament airing on Discovery Channel
• Hired Coinbound (Voyager, MetaMask, eToro marketing agency)
• Announced Partnership with Chainlink to validate randomness on the blockchain.
• Released their Whitepaper which explained the future plans for the team and the token particularly the shift to Matic which would facilitate the launch of the V2 token
Dogira V2: Based on the staking protocol token, COMPOUND. Allows for a staking farm ecosystem built on a Dogira/MATIC pair. This includes the ability to stake the former pair, along with any game related tokens that enter the ecosystem for either token rewards or NFTs. Native staking is still in the works however in the mean time farms and lp pools have been launched on the following platforms:
So what's next?
The Dogira team lead by Eoghan, is committed to pushing the blockchain gaming industry in a direction where better games are the priority. Their games first, blockchain second approach will ensure that games are fun to play so that earning isn’t a chore and exploiting the game’s economy is discouraged. With 2 new unity devs we are ever closer to the eventual release of the first dogira supported game.
Check out the site and download our white paper.
Buy in on any of the following exchanges:
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2021.09.24 23:20 Galactica98 I want to learn about MPH/PhD program

Hey I want to apply to Northwestern for this program, but do I need a gre? I have strong gpa at a 4 year college and worked in research labs. Could someone kindly explain how to apply?
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2021.09.24 23:20 Soviet_Arthropod36 What do salsify taste like?

Are salsify a good substitute for common potato dishes like mashed potatoes? I’m mostly referring to the white ones but if you have stuff to say about the black ones then go ahead. While we are on that topic, which tastes the best to you and what is the flavor of each.
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2021.09.24 23:20 Camelbabble What would you say are THE indie rock staples that everyone should know?

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2021.09.24 23:20 Grim_Nightmare House with grass in it over by rivertown

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