Well, well, well…

2021.09.24 23:28 AsshhhHo Well, well, well…

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2021.09.24 23:28 Blitz7x Daily Deviate Issue 35

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2021.09.24 23:28 Blazebro1313 F2P Mobius Build?

I'm planning to use my saved crystals all for Mobius for the 5.2 update, but I don't know what good lightning F2P Stigma set is there for her, would 3 Monet work well for her?
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2021.09.24 23:28 Hs_sbbh İki saattir kahkaha atıyorum aq

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2021.09.24 23:28 alexsyouautomotive The All-New 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 | Full Walk-Around | DETAILS |

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2021.09.24 23:28 CMuCoLoCoL

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2021.09.24 23:28 artzbyhannah Does anyone know what this is and if it's harmful? It recently started appearing about a week ago, only on these two plants (swamp pitcher plant, golden pothos)

Does anyone know what this is and if it's harmful? It recently started appearing about a week ago, only on these two plants (swamp pitcher plant, golden pothos) submitted by artzbyhannah to plants [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 23:28 jalapingooo Sonya taking Mella

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2021.09.24 23:28 chompar ITAP of a sun queen

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2021.09.24 23:28 GayleneMoralez [HIRE ME] Essay Writing Services and Homework Help

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Telegram: @prowriter001
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2021.09.24 23:28 Uglyneckheadass Never forget you’re enough

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2021.09.24 23:28 Doppler-Gaydar The calliope music intensifies...

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2021.09.24 23:28 wwaman80 Evangeline Lilly vs. Madison Beer

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2021.09.24 23:28 MostYoung Tja

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2021.09.24 23:28 Ol-Bandsaw 1st 12 rounds at 7 yards from my new TP9 Elite SC.

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2021.09.24 23:28 Aiculik Multimillionaire gay couple. Romantic date. WW installed. They feel uncomfortable from high lust. Logically, when they come back home, they...

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2021.09.24 23:28 ShortAlgo $MRIN Epic profits with Automated Trading from UltraAlgo on TradeStation;

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2021.09.24 23:28 t1609 30 coming in hot from the United Arab Emirates

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2021.09.24 23:28 Kingnocho99 Looking for OCEAN 250 and CHEM 142 Textbooks

I’m looking for new or used textbooks of Intro to Biology of Marine Life (11e 18) and General Chemistry (7e 15). Don’t feel like paying $190 for them. Get in touch with me and we can discuss pricing. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.24 23:28 Antique_Edge1265 AdaptBSC - This revolutionary project is taking reflection tokens to another level || September - 8% ADA - Rewards October - 8.5% ADA Rewards and so on, this will go on till it hits 15%


Transparency: ADAPT is decentralized and is supported by its community of dedicated people. They are all about open communication and want to build the foundation on transparency, trust, and community.

Trust: In cryptocurrency market trust is the most important factor. This means full transparency not only in the community and development but also in security efforts. The team from ADAPT is willing to dox themselves, when certain Marketcaps are reached. They are also planning to get audited by a third party dessert finance. LP tokens will be locked aswell.

Longterm: ADAPT is here to stay. The decentralized community is fostering and adopting long term development of the ecosystem and foundation in efforts to drive real use cases, and greater rewards beyond any temporary trends.

Community-powered: ADAPT is decentralized and owned by its dedicated and vibrant community. They welcome and embrace different perspectives to build ADAPT into the best community in crypto.


- 8% in ADA rewards.

ADA reflections will increase 0.5% every month for the Buy transactions. The sell fee will always stay at 15%. By November 2022 you will receive 15% ADA Rewards on Buy transactions!

- 1% To Fuel the Liquidity Pool

- 1% Marketing Wallet
🔹 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Contract: 0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2#readContract

🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x831ee28bEfD29DFbF71A26c2266c0360F19A2e49
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2021.09.24 23:28 Busy_Reason_3267 Going through my friends’ new property. I feel like I’ve seen this type of tree before but can not put my finger on it... This is Northern Alabama.

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2021.09.24 23:28 dilettantedebrah Theater kids can still be scary though

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2021.09.24 23:28 Ashamed_Equivalent58 👾 Magic Beasties $BSTS 💗 Listed on CMC 🚀 Marketplace is live!🥞

📌Why this project is completly different from others?
Magic Beasties is a new NFT collectibles game where users can collect, trade and battle digital monsters and earn $BSTS from playing, trade on the marketplace and more. When we find a project with a working app including fully functional marketplace that got updated day after the release and a market cap this low, it usually means either we stumbled upon a true gem and we’re super early.
Another thing that stood out about $BSTS the extremely low market cap. Only ~$1.1 million fully diluted and $710k circulating.
📌Doxxed Team and almost Daily Calls
The team or at least part of the team appears to be doxxed. Jordan from the Telegram channel hosts regular video calls daily to update the community on the project's progress. His full time job is Magic Beasties, you can meet him on the chat almost all the time. He is off only when he sleep. It doesn't matter if the price goes down/up the community is always loyal and active because of the team hard work. Just join and take a look.
NFTS that are just amazing
Most of the projects generate nfts, here we have a completly different story. They can be legendary, rare, uncommon, common and they are limited. It means each beastie take a week/two to be made. It's fully custom with her own story. They even post on the twitter about beasties characters.
Friendly image in BSC
Take a look at the twitter they post about friendship, eating healthy, jokes and it's very catchy. I never seen a project posting "eat a lot of carrot and be healthy" or just ask how you met your friend in the childhood. They plan books for children, charity events, they host friendship contests and more.
Liquidity Locked
70% of the raised BNB was locked in the PCS LP via DXSale.
The holder distribution also looks fair with no single wallet besides the PancakeSwap pool and rewards contract holding too much of the supply. Besides those, the top holder is the deployer wallet which has 4.8% of tokens. The most important thing about it is that the team tokens are locked and the devs told us if they will need to unlock them they will provide a reason first otherwise they will be locked for now, why not?
The $BSTS tokenomics are a bit gimmicky as they have reflect and auto liquidity taxes but that’s fine as it seems to be the standard in BSC tokens these days.
It just means you can’t be able to easily enter and exit big amounts without taking a small tax hit. There is a 10% fee on each transaction that gets distributed to:
Holders (5%)
LP (2%)
Dev/Marketing/Game vault (3%)
Marketplace 💱
Magic Beasties just released the marketplace and you can trade NFTS with other users only via $BSTS! The launch had no bugs, no errors, no laggs, nothing. Literally day after it they already updated the marketplace and added filters. Not only this, two days later they told us the new update is coming.
There is a 3% fee on each transaction on the marketplace and half of it gets burned.
NFTS presales
Once per week/two Magic Beasties host a new beastie release and make a presale with it. You can buy it only with $BSTS tokens (so you need to invest) and half of the $BSTS that devs are getting will get burned. Last time they burned 16300$ from that small sale. It means they have a real product that makes money.
Marketing 📢
This team even shows with screensharing the results of the campaign and provide full list of the marketing goals that they want to achive in next weeks. So far they are doing amazing.
Game is close
Almost nobody was treating them seriously but after fully working marketplace it's different. The game should be published within six weeks. Devs also told us on VC the deadline is for it is close too.
Development and Marketing Funds locked for 18 Months
10% Sales FEE : 5% distributed to holder, 2% Automatic LP, 3% Dev/Marketing/Game vault
Total Supply - 1 000 000 000
🥑Pre sale & Liquidity Pool = 66%
🥤DxSale Fees & Burns = 2%
🍙Airdrop = 4%
🍅Farming & Staking vault = 19%
🔓Locked For 18 MONTHS🔓
🥶Development Vault = 4%
🥶Marketing Vault = 5%
⚠️How to Buy Magic Beasties Token ???⚠️
👑 Website : https://magicbeasties.finance/ (coming soon )
👑 Twitter : https://twitter.com/beasties_online
👑Contract: 0x869e9194bee57eab1fc7785378f1c84df88c7e52
👑Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x869e9194bee57eab1fc7785378f1c84df88c7e52
👑Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6267fc38a20bef26e8ac1f7209df8b701504fbf3#readContract
🔐 Liquidty locked 18 MONTHS
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2021.09.24 23:28 UlfarrVargr Queen Elizabeth

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2021.09.24 23:28 callmejudoguy If someone is kicked in the face.

If someone is kicked in the face is this common assault GBH or ABH?
The person has been charged but won't tell me what with.
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