I fifteen and male and I’m a FEMBOY I think

2021.09.24 22:39 FurredKingMe I fifteen and male and I’m a FEMBOY I think

I have no idea who I am or if this is just a want. This is the second day of this crisis and I have no idea what to do. Please can someone help. I love pink and that’s all i think I know. I don’t have a passion or anything it seems. I have unaccepting parents is all I know please dear god help. If you’re a FEMBOY definitely help please
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2021.09.24 22:39 LagartimationsMedia Inside Lagartimations Studios Hornet Origins (Prologue Promotional)

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2021.09.24 22:39 Doylebag Can anyone recommend a company for restoring and replenishing wooden floors?

Floors in the new place are a bit discoloured and in need of a wee spruce up. For context it’ll be about 26 square metres. Annfield can do it for about £650 apparently but any input on other places would be good, in terms of quality and value for money.
Cheers all, hope your evening is going swell!
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2021.09.24 22:39 George4530 Get $20 on Bitstamp! (instant 20% return on your $100)

These are the necessary steps:

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This referral program is available in many countries, including The USA!
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2021.09.24 22:39 BulkyExample5590 HODL ADA 💎 - Ada Rewards - KYC Doxxed Devs - Live and Active Community

Hi everyone! Do you like ADA rewards? This token is perfect for you! At HODL ADA, we aim to reward holders as much as possible, while making the token 100% safe in the process.
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2021.09.24 22:39 Wild-Statistician-83 Seems to be an unpopular opinion, but 99.9% of Gamestop tweets ARE subliminal messages for apes.

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2021.09.24 22:39 SamuraiSponge Greg from Apple Xplain

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2021.09.24 22:39 Usuario444 The truth of Deltarune and UnderTale- Undertale was not real

The truth is that I did not think much about this theory, and it may sound cliche but, I like it.
well, I'm basically saying that UnderTale is just another Dark World that we see in Deltarune.
This would mean that Deltarune is real life and Undertale is just another reality created by The Knight. This is based on the idea that "the Barrier" from UnderTale would be the "Dark Fountain" of that world, which is similar to the other "Dark Fountain".
-ok, but how did it happen?
apparently in Deltarune, there will be 7 chapters (like the 7 souls of Undertale hm ...), I think it is logical to think that each chapter will be another "Dark World" created by "The Knight" aaaand apparently, no one realizes that Kris IS "THE KNIGHT" so kris will keep creating "Dark Fountains" until the end.
My idea is that the final chapter, Kris (The Knight) creates a "Dark World" so big that it can trap the whole town.
if we take into account that Deltarune IS the "real" world then ALL the "important" things in the world of Deltarune (the flowers of Asgore, and the similitude of the souls of the fallen, the close relationship of a human and Asriel, the legend of the world that in the "Dark World" of Undertale would be the legend of the war of humans and monsters, and in Deltarune it would be the legend of the hero, monster and the prince, that Ralsei tells)
If my theory seemed "lazy" to you, then this is the strongest point:
The Genocide Ending
After Chara appears (which is VERY similar to Kris) and tells you to continue to the "next World", referring to creating a new "dark fountain" and immediately destroys UnderTale.
And "UnderTale" being such a big "Dark World", no one has been able to "seal the Dark Fountain" until Frisk's arrival on the genocidal route and to a lesser extent on the neutral route.
The biggest weak point in my theory :
UnderTale's pacifist ending
In the pacifist ending EVERYONE returns to the surface, and no one "changes their outfit" (like characters do when leaving and entering the "Dark World") and there is also the fact that no one remembers the existence of the "real world" ( Although a simple explanation would be to say that so much time passed that nobody remembers the existence of the real world)
When more chapters keep coming out, my theory can be confirmed, I really don't think the following chapters will deny my theory
Aside is the well known fact that UnderTale is a Deltarune angram
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2021.09.24 22:39 LIVEfromNorfolkSt Some Memphis music? Amy Lavere and Will Sexton

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2021.09.24 22:39 DeadbeatSilver Palico with Weakness Exploit skill

Does anyone have a palico with the skill weakness exploit on mhgu? Is it even possible to have? If so, could I please have it?
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2021.09.24 22:39 Ratti-Gunn It real is quite difficult to stay positive in masters.

What is going on?
Players still not rotating to Dred, no communication, players squabbling over jungle like school children, players stealing farm.
I really enjoy this game, this community and when a game goes well it's great. I feel like it doesn't take much for a game not to be awful (not to necessarily get the win but to not be awful) yet it seems people put more effort into trolling/losing than actually just being somewhat decent.
It sucks.
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2021.09.24 22:39 Electronic-Sun-8275 Spider 8x3 2.6T boost🤩

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2021.09.24 22:39 keltoy1549 Hypnotized by everyone’s Mood Ring. This can came with a big ole bud!

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2021.09.24 22:39 Bobbington13 In charge of the house and the TV

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2021.09.24 22:39 jok3r77 💲💲💲My VIP Link for $295 Off FoundersCard Membership💲💲💲

Use this link to preview all the benefits of membership. When you click "join now" my VIP referral code will be activated and you will get $295 off membership! Be sure to check out the first benefit listed in the preview as it will pay for the membership all by itself.
Note: If you've used my link and have become a member, please let me know. Sometimes I have to make sure they give me credit for my referrals.
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2021.09.24 22:39 BlckAlchmst Did You Guys Know That Michael Burry Got a Subpoena!?

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2021.09.24 22:39 WalterNeft Oh, to be a cat / Basking in a setting sun / Present to me, some treats

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2021.09.24 22:39 xwulfd Dear Diary : I saw my crush Josh at the cafeteria today, hes very charming! He looked at me and I was blushing! . He sat beside me and smiled. He came slowly closer to my face and I closed my eyes. I thought he was gona kiss me! But instead he whispered to my ear and said "_________________"OWE

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2021.09.24 22:39 k_innes25 Abs and vsc lights and alarm goes off when turning

I got 2005 Toyota Sequoia that when sharply left the abs kicks in, vsc light starts flashing and a beeping sound happens. All lights but abs goes away after the turn is complete. Abs goes off eventually, usually after restarting car and starting to drive. Found some forums with people with similar issues after installing lift kit and/or bigger tires, but mine is all stock. Should I do a zero point recalibration? Or be looking for a different issue?
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2021.09.24 22:39 ckkuban Забытый вкус экспорта

Дары 3-х океанов и 12 морей России отсутствуют в потребительской корзине. Тонны "не поротой" (с икрой) рыбы гниют. Свалки устраивают рыбопромышленники, не в силах справиться с объемами экспортной переработки для зарубежных столов. А может, это пенсионеры - набраконьерили и не смогли утащить?
"Что? Деликатесов захотели? Да её счервят, но людей кормить не будут".
Сегодня в приоритете у правительства "сохранение водных биоресурсов во внутренних водах РФ".
Уничтожение федерального ресурса - прямой вред государству? Кремлевское ведомство молчит... простые люди, умоляют власть дать возможность наловить рыбы, чтобы накормить свои семьи. Местным за лов рыбы грозит уголовная статья.
Но, все знают от куда рыба гниет...
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2021.09.24 22:39 22tbates G.O.C drawing

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2021.09.24 22:39 georgeArnold123 Is it my fault we always end up hooking up?

I’m quite embarrassed to admit this but I am getting a little bit tired of guys hooking up with me then leaving, I want someone that will stay. I am thinking that I may be the main problem in this situation.
I started dating (?) this guy who I went to middle school with, we lost touch in high school and college but recently reconnected. On our first date we went to a bar near my apartment, he slept over but we didn’t have sex. The next time we hung out he suggested we go for a walk I said okay sure that’s fine, it was a nice day out, ended up at his place and we messed around but no sex. I keep mentioning this because I told him sex for me is an emotional thing and I want to wait and while he’s okay with it, we literally almost always come so close to doing it but I always stop myself. We’ve hung out at my apartment another time, I made him dinner, he slept over, we again didn’t have sex but we still messed around. We didn’t see each other for two weeks after and he kept rescheduling the day of but then he did end up inviting me over and made me dinner. This last time we saw each other he came over again and we messed around.
I don’t want to sleep with him because I’m just not ready to do that with him yet, the guys in the past I’ve allowed them to use me but I’ve finally learned how to say no. This guy I thought is different, I mean we do talk and we’re trying to get to know each other but it always ends up in us messing around. I guess I’ve been hooking up a lot before him but is this how it usually goes with someone you’re actually interested in? Is it my fault we always end up messing around? I just have a feeling all he’s interested in is a hookup and I am allowing this, is it possible to turn it around or should I let it go. (He’s told me kind of a little bit what he wants his career to look like and from that I gather he knows exactly what he wants, which means he knows exactly what he wants with me also which is why I’m doubting his true intentions.)
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2021.09.24 22:39 humantoothx Sex Robots: Pornography, Patriarchy, & Incels


Tons of cyberpunk imagery in here, and a pretty fun theme to boot. This video is part of a series I'm making surrounding the interviews I conducted while researching my thesis project, Anticipating Future Scenarios for Sex Robots. I spoke with policy makers, activists, ethicists, a sex therapist and RenderMan- hacker and arguably the foremost expert on sex tech security, A later video on hacking sex robots will feature him heavily.
https://youtu.be/Jz9ir3tqcPY (NSFW, Age registricted)
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2021.09.24 22:39 uxrs Some strategies for structuring + protecting your research roadmap

Maybe more for the teams-of-one (team-of-ones?) but you have to be hyper-selective on what you study in a given year (especially when stakeholders come out of the blue with a random question but we digress).
Here are some ways to better protect your research roadmap, study better questions, and increase the impact of your research:
1) Understand first if this is "your problem" Is it a problem that UX research can address? If it's not about: - Someone's behavior, expectations, wants, needs, or - how to shape the product and its functionality,
DON'T study it. Or push against it (some ways to push below).
2) Apply the "Now, Next, Neutral, Never" framework Take all of the possible research questions you need to address and put them into 1 of 4 buckets.
A good ratio to target is 25% Now : 35% Next : 40% Neutral : 0% Never.
A helpful framework to structure your research questions to be more impactful. Use it to defend your roadmap from silly stakeholders lol
3) Consider the absorption time It takes time for findings to be "absorbed" and then translated into product changes. If your team releases infrequently, then study questions as early as possible and budget more absorption time.
4) Have a mix of tactical & strategic questions Tactical knowledge decays quickly but it results in changes users actually see (ex: test findings from 3 yrs ago are outdated). vs. Strategic knowledge decays slowly (ex: journey map on how people buy their first home)
5) Play research question Tetris Research questions are discrete units. They should be moved around, added, combined. Add questions to current or planned studies. If you're already recruiting new users, add additional tactical & strategic questions to maximize each study.
6) Parallel path everything Don't focus on just one study at a time. Try to use unmoderated and secondary research whenever you can. If possible, get stakeholders to assist with early recruitment, note-taking, and early data analysis. (More on research democratization later)
7) Think 90 days at a time Avoid making year-long research roadmaps. Things change too quickly for you to adjust plans. Artificially scope your focus to the next 90 days. This allows you to focus your energy and make it easier for your team to implement your work.
8. Schedule Intake Sessions Within your 90-day roadmap, plan explicit moments to review the remaining questions/studies with the team.
Review the "Neutral" questions to see if they're still important.
Remember to change your plans to fit the team, as research is dynamic.
Would love to hear other strategies for protecting your research roadmap/making it more effective.
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2021.09.24 22:39 lucasaku 😍♥️♥️

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