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2021.09.24 22:58 Ephemara Eh?

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2021.09.24 22:58 vfr750f Pop-up Up and Down Headlights!

Pop-up Up and Down Headlights!
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2021.09.24 22:58 CockroachExoti Wealthsimple Will Give You $25 for their New App! (Free Money)

You can get $25 free from Wealthsimple’s new Cash app, even if you’re already using Trade.
Took me 30 seconds and didn’t have to deposit anything, just free $25 you can cash out. If you haven’t already used it, code is http://ws.cash/invite/$senvetti
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2021.09.24 22:58 my-eye-candy-account 。(✿‿✿)。

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2021.09.24 22:58 ttmo2002 Today ortex data. Short selling continues to increase.

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2021.09.24 22:58 killae09 Is burning and itching at the donor area normal? I’m assuming this will subside in the next few days, but DAMN. It’s like Hell back there.

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2021.09.24 22:58 MarioLetsPlay [H] Cheapest prices LIFETIME WARRANTY Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Showtime, Starz, Crunchyroll, IPVanish VPN, NordVPN, Scribd [W] everything is $1.50 CashApp ONLY

$1.50 each or 5 accounts for $6!!!
$1.50 each or 5 accounts for $6!!!

Message me if you'd like to buy. they all come with a lifetime warranty. CashApp only and these are all shared accounts.
Click here to see my vouches.
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2021.09.24 22:58 Dannig178 Eleni Balogh

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2021.09.24 22:58 Zealousideal_Ad9070 Stop listening to people on Reddit. Do what is right for you. If you would like to sell at a profit then buy back lower, go for it! I saw the same ‘HODL’ posts in May. Everyone is different financially. HODL if you can afford too. Sell if you can’t risk it. But don’t rely on anyone else! 👌🏼

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2021.09.24 22:58 163420 IneedToGetRatelimited

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2021.09.24 22:58 victornero_us I heard in a discord that the gameplay footage was in the process of being uploaded to a porn website 👀

Ok so, I never use my Reddit account I only watch from the sidelines. I think this is my first post ever because I kinda felt like letting you guys know about something I heard.
I am in a discord which is not about elden ring, fromsoft games or even videogames in particular, it's kind of a troll discord about a particular topic that I'm sure no one here is or wants to be a part of. However there is some people in the discord I know kind of personally (used to play smite with them a lot some years ago).
Some people in the discord started mentioning elden ring and one of the guys I know personally kind of mentioned that the journalist footage was gonna be in a porn website later this weekend, to fuck with Bandai for teasing fans and pressure them to release it. This guy is kind of a serious person, he is definitely not the troll type. He and his friends (which are all dicks) are the type of people that know a lot about secret shit but they are always dicks about it and very condescending and just mean/rude towards anyone that is not in their inner circle, which is why I stopped playing stuff with them, they are very very good at games but always act like they are doing you a favor by playing with you, they're just the type of people you probably don't wanna hang out or be close with. They also never share what they know with anyone outside their circle.
I sent him a message asking if he was serious about the footage and he literally just said "ye but don't ask me anymore or I will get you banned". If this gets big and he happens to read this then fuck you man, I don't care if you ban me or whatever.
Just wanted to kinda spill the beans and also I'm sure as hell not gonna share the discord here, I'm sure all the guys in here desperate for the footage will flood it and start asking questions and trust me you don't wanna have anything to do with the trolls and mean people in there. I'm only there because the troll shit posting content is good and the rare leak.
Anyways that's it, we will see what happens I guess.
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2021.09.24 22:58 vaudtime Sympathy food

What’s a relatively cheap and healthy meal that I could make for someone that they could eat throughout the week? One of my friends lost her best friend and roommate this week and once she gets back to their apartment she’ll be all alone. The only food I can think of that people make as sympathy foods like this is lasagna, but that’s a little unhealthy. Maybe it doesn’t matter too much as I don’t think she’s dieting or anything, but I’m also planning on taking her some baked goods. Any suggestions??
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2021.09.24 22:58 lpicador RPGs With Compelling Settings

I was just caught up in a reverie about a whole phase of my childhood and adolescence in which one RPG after another hit the stores with amazingly compelling settings, supported by game mechanics that were... not necessarily bad, but nothing special. Basically, games where the setting is the main attraction, and the rules might be okay or even pretty good but could basically be stripped out and replaced without losing the primary appeal of the game.
To be specific, I'm thinking of games like:

It seems to me that this trend really peaked in the 90s. I guess you could say that the story goes something like: 70s RPG industry is old wargamers and first-timers; by the 90s the RPG hobby grows out of its infancy and the kids who grew up playing RPGs get old enough to take a more literary/artistic approach to RPG design; eventually the splatbook/style-over-substance approach epitomized by the White Wolf games loses its shine and people get back to basics in the 00s, with the Forge storygamers paring down RPG design to first principles and the OSR rediscovering the golden age origins of the hobby.
So for my money the really smart, tight rules sets grow out of that 00s renaissance, but before the splatbooks got out of hand there was that wonderful age of stylish, creative game books with covers that got you psyched to play THAT THING THERE ON THE COVER.
What are your favorites? Games that made you yearn to play out these cool stories about cool characters in a cool world, but once you got to the table, the actual GAME part of the game was sort of underwhelming?
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2021.09.24 22:58 Grizzly_228 Not OP but he died

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2021.09.24 22:58 blakey916 [XB1] H: fixer plan’s W: 5k cap’s

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2021.09.24 22:58 PRECIOUS_MARTINEZ My sophisticated lil girl

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2021.09.24 22:58 mperrault23 New Hunter Biden Emails Tout Access To White House, China

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2021.09.24 22:58 Xxronny12 Plastic container for hamster???

I was planning on buying a clear 29gallon plastic container for this hamster that my friend is giving me and i wanted to know if it would be a good idea
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2021.09.24 22:58 nerfthemedium Correct LBP 1/2 music tier list

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2021.09.24 22:58 GetInTheCarMa 1st transfer complete, I'm DRSing 100% of my register-able shares.

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2021.09.24 22:58 Moldev0rt 2021 Kindle Paperwhite is now available for preorder in the US!

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2021.09.24 22:58 Time_Rip8184 Cursed party

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2021.09.24 22:58 Yeuigo How many letters of recommendation does Ohio state take?

I’ve been looking online and have seen many sources say that they will take one letter of recommendation, along with many other sources that say they take three. How many letters of recommendation does OSU accept?
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2021.09.24 22:58 163420 IneedToGetRatelimited

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2021.09.24 22:58 mylastnameschampion Nothing crazy, but the best I could do in my tiny apartment

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