What is BullPerks All About?

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2021.09.24 23:21 ivethhouston What is BullPerks All About?

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2021.09.24 23:21 Amir73art New design with larger scale ... and space separation😊Your comment encourages me🙇❤

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2021.09.24 23:21 autobot_9000 @CrossingCritter: RT @noaivanoff: Thick brown eyebrows for @AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #ACNHdesigns https://t.co/p4LzsHmI4F

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2021.09.24 23:21 xBOEITJOUNIKS Haskell extension 1.7.0 VS Code crashing

Today I opened VS Code to work on an assignment and saw an update for one of the extensions I use, the Haskell extension. After updating the whole extension crashed.
Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't get it to work for me. The only thing that ended up working was going back to 1.6.1. 1.7.0 is simply unusable.
The error it gives me is The Haskell (Haskell) server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes. The server will not be restarted.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue and know how it can be fixed?
Note: I wasn't sure if this was a post I should make here or on the VS Code reddit, but I figured more people here could be using this specific extension.
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2021.09.24 23:21 Jamesvuuu Steamed Fish

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2021.09.24 23:21 petskona PetsKona.com : Chimpanzee, capuchin,squirrel,spider & marmoset monkeys available

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2021.09.24 23:21 bluenova32 Give me your honest feedback on my name list…

My husband and I are planning to start TTC in December. I’ve had a list of names going forever, and I’m curious to see what others really think of them. Do your worst! And suggest others if you think you have a good addition to the list!
Freya Maeve Hazel Lorraine Maren Bronwen Vera Josephine Margot Tabitha Verity Willow Jora Orla Autumn Raine Fern Maris Lucille Penelope Stella Opal Tessa Fiona Leona Ruth Ramona
Boys: Arthur Russel Wesley Simon Gus Max Louis Calvin Peter Jasper August Griffin Hugo Ronan
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2021.09.24 23:21 CrisVar18 How to block or eliminate an intruder on my internet network?

I need help please, there is an intruder on my internet network and he has rebooted my modem several times. He enables a second network with a different name for his two computers and a cell phone. I changed passwords and hide my network so that he no longer detects it. I even whitelisted my devices so that only they have access to my network. I called my internet company and they only offer to change my password. What I can do? Is there a way to block the intruder? Excuse me for my English, I am new to the language.
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2021.09.24 23:21 lunasylv F4A Roleplay Search

Hiii!! My name is Luna, I'm female and 21 years old, and looking for long term roleplay partners!! I do typically F×M pairings as that's what I'm most comfortable with and I don't do ERP. I try to keep it PG17. I can do OC×OC, or OC×CC. I play OCs almost exclusively because its easier for me to play with a blank slate such as that. I have OCs for a handful of shows, and I can explain the stories and plots I want to do with them in just a moment. Let's get those pesky rules out first shall we??

  1. Be 18+. I deal with very dark subject matter in my stories and sometimes it can get pretty gorey. I'd like for you to take in stride and not give childish reactions.
  2. Don't God mod. We can take equal share of playing the background characters but don't play my OCs without asking first.
  3. ERP is strictly out of the question, however flirting and teasing(such as kissing, flirting, making fun off, etc) are okay. I don't roleplay ahem scenes, and do fade to black SO LONG AS THAT SCENE ADDS TO THE PLOT
  4. If it's a romance rp, don't push it out of the gate. Everyone enjoys a good slow burn from what I understand. Let the characters get to know each other first.
  5. If it is included in the OCs bio, and you don't understand, please just ask. Don't assume. Everything I put into their bios is there for a reason. I'd rather you ask and get clarification than assume and make a mistake.
  6. I roleplay strictly on Discord. Sorry.
  7. If you play an OC, make it believable in the shows' canon
Now that those are out of the way! I have OCs for the following shows and I will put what kind of pairings I'd like with them:
Black Clover: OC×CC, OC×OC (CCs, Nacht, Zora)
MHA: OC×CC, OC×CC(for CCs, Dabi, Shoto, Bakugo, Kirishima, Shinsou, Monoma and Deku)(I'm also kinda getting burnt out on this one, but if you have a good plot or idea, I'd be down)
Demon Slayer: OC×OC
Jujutsu Kaisen: OC×CC(this one specifically Itadori or Megumi)(and I really, REALLY wanna do this one)
Fantasy Medieval Setting: literally any
I also wanted to try my hand at GM'ing a Final Fantasy-esque world. If you're interested in that one, I have the entire world planned and mapped out, as well as general side quests and such. Feel free to hmu for that too!!!!!!!
I do have a few one shot plots I wanna do too(I've had one rattling around in my brain for Seven Deadly Sins), and if you wanna indulge, go for it. I promise I'm not as critical as I seem!! And if it wasn't obvious, all of my OCs are female.
If you want to rp, post a comment or a send me a pm. If you read the entirety of this post, include roasty in your comment or PM so I know you're serious. Thank you for reading this far!!! I look forward to hearing from people!
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2021.09.24 23:21 sisternation Best foundations for oily skin??

I’ve had the hardest time my whole life finding foundations that won’t break up and look awful on my skin after a few hours. I’ve used double wear for years now but i can’t blend any liquid products on top of it as it dries so fast and is so matte!! I’m dying to find one that isn’t too matte but also keeps my oily skin from destroying all of my makeup. PLS SEND SUGGESTIONS!! :))
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2021.09.24 23:21 rezarmy Add vertical speed indicator to Scrap Heli

Maybe it's a little change but it's mean a lot me. If u interested in flying u know that
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2021.09.24 23:21 VirtualReject aralia balfouriana stump got some bugs.

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2021.09.24 23:21 LocationZealousideal Finally made my mind up on a paint scheme. Classic Ymetrica with darker blue.

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2021.09.24 23:21 scubawho1 Well what ya think?

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2021.09.24 23:21 autobot_9000 @ClipAnimal: RT @noaivanoff: Thick brown eyebrows for @AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #ACNHdesigns https://t.co/p4LzsHmI4F

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2021.09.24 23:21 NefariousnessLost425 Basically M U G E N

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2021.09.24 23:21 mm6m Fool of the week - Boris Johnson and his failed brexit

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2021.09.24 23:21 360NoScopeDropShot69 I actually looked up if "Infation" was a word or it was really misspelled.

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2021.09.24 23:21 artistcourtney Drum & Bass Mixing with Looping Visual

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2021.09.24 23:21 petskona PetsKona.com : Beautiful Kc Registered pug puppies For Sale (ready This Week

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2021.09.24 23:21 BeerPizzaGaming With the Tucson MRSP and effective price being about $2700 less than the Prime and offering more standard what are your thoughts?

I know this is a Toyota Rav4 Prime forum and I do prefer the Prime's larger battery, better range and MPG, but with dealers pulling the BS they are, it has forced many to wait and consider other options. I think some other OEM's are making some very compelling products and alternative offerings. Wondering any key differences everyone sees between the Prime and other offerings other than the above? Hyundai has finally released pricing. The Tucson PHEV officially starts just shy of $36K (including destination). The maximum applicable federal rebate for the Tucson is only $6587 (because of a smaller battery size). There is effectively a net "savings" of about $3K (factoring in destination), excluding dealer markups. You also get more features standard in the Tucson compared to the Prime. After making a few quick calls, Hyundai dealers were seeking MSRP (and I sensed they will likely deal to get pen to paper) and are not being greedy like Toyota dealers whom are constantly being reported as seeking thousands over MSRP. Thoughts?
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2021.09.24 23:21 Jswiss315 Join 😈

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2021.09.24 23:21 LlamaRzr [natura] Chmury i pełnia księżyca

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2021.09.24 23:21 JYHENNY_3819 Ah yes. Jaiden animations.

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2021.09.24 23:21 Apprehensive_Dog_326 Arrival in the hospitality industry now?

Was browsing around Linkedin, and saw a job listing posted by Arrival looking for a head chef for their new Italian restuarant. Did anyone know about this? It was most random thing I saw today. Any explanation? AvinashRugoobur
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