Checkmate in 500

2021.09.25 00:12 Marilynkira Checkmate in 500

Can mods do something about the checkmate in whatever the number of moves is posts? If i wanted to puzzles I'll do them on whatever platform I'm using. These posts are getting out of hand. I honestly unfollowed chess just because my front page is full of these posts.
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2021.09.25 00:12 SeekingDiscounts_ BISSELL Spinwave Hard Floor Powered Mop Only $89.99 Shipped! (Reg. $110)

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2021.09.25 00:12 Lilz-McGillz hewwo

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2021.09.25 00:12 SeekingDiscounts_ Gourmet Nut Power Up Mega Omega Trail Mix 14-Ounce Bag Only $3.48!

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2021.09.25 00:12 Ntndoswitch Need friend for meloetta quest 5560 9272 4697

5560 9272 4697
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2021.09.25 00:12 PizzaKiddy (FOR HIRE) Unique designs for clothes, logos, stickers. Make the diference, be diferent. There's no limits for creativity and fun. More info in comments.

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2021.09.25 00:12 Alfredomty 2meirl4meirl

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2021.09.25 00:12 alexle56 Бензин сорвался с тормозов: Цена Аи-95 обновила исторический рекорд третий день подряд

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2021.09.25 00:12 CareBareHair2 Believe all women? That's the rules - unless Snopes says otherwise?
"David Mikkelson, co-founder and CEO of fact-checking website Snopes, has been accused of rape by his estranged wife in a bombshell Facebook post.
Elyssa Young is the second wife of David Mikkelson. They married in November 2016, and split at some point in 2020.
In a September 9, 2021 Facebook post, Young alleges that Mikkelson repeatedly raped her when they were together. She also claims that Mikkelson used gaslighting techniques to make her think she was crazy and is now ignoring her ever since she threatened to take legal action against him.
In the post (archived here), Young claims that when they were together Mikkelson “raped me every morning”. When she reported him to her therapists, David would allegedly tell them that she “was on drugs”:

Just a couple of months ago, the "Spreader of truth", was found to have plagiarised over 50 articles, without telling anyone - the naughty boy!

So the go to site for truth - was founded and run, by a perverted thief lolololol Those Lunatics are ALWAYS wrong uns.

I've just fact checked the above - I declare it true!
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2021.09.25 00:12 sup_my_bwana Following in his dad's footsteps starting as a humble altar lighter.

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2021.09.25 00:12 Common_Echo_9061 Journalist beaten by Taliban loses eardrum, vision

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2021.09.25 00:12 3xploit_ The Pilot Rework needs to be prioritized

Looking at Adrian's livestream just today, he burned through more than 60,000 gold (61,936 to be exact) just by changing pilot skills he didn't want. That's beyond insane, and this was in just one livestream session. If you already max out a pilot, you should NEVER have to pay this much gold to swap skills around.
I don't understand why Pixonic hasn't updated the system yet. There should be more than enough player data to show that players are using the pilot system considerably less than before the rework. I have barely touched the pilot system since the pilot rework. I'd promote pilots, but I'd never change skills unless they were under 100 gold. 500 gold to reroll a random skill is ludicrous, and worst of all, there's a chance you can go backwards and tier down from a skill re-roll.
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2021.09.25 00:12 cloppygang My terrain I tried doin for my survival world. Tips?

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2021.09.25 00:12 ragingbull955 Those that film themselves and include the footage of them setting up the camera, why not take 3 seconds and crop it?

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2021.09.25 00:12 JerkingOffToMaps How to get karma and or money on tifu

Note I do not condone taking money from the idiots on tifu, this is totally 100% a guide to avoid anything like that in the future.
Step 1 Have alright english: if you cannot do this, use the excuses on mobile, English is not my first language(although getting money would be harder this way) or to be quirky English is my first langauge but I suck at it.
Step 2: formatting: before you do anything remember to make paragraphs and not one God damn fucking block of text
Step 3: Come up with a half plausible, fake premise.(Sex, masturbation, and money related stories will give you the most karma). If money is wanted them use money in the story.
Step 4: Write your story
Step 5: Edit for grammar mistakes
Step 6: Wait
Step 7(Optional): Provide 'update' post, if you want karma and or money this will help.
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2021.09.25 00:12 Dangerous_Beyond_706 Why so difficult?

Where are the hung guys looking for head hiding?
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2021.09.25 00:12 lobofrio Other lies we have been told

In addition to NASA obviously lying about the shape of the Earth, I have found out that the NOAA has been lying to us about the depth of the oceans as well.
Due to the immense pressures at the bottom of the Oceans, there is a layer of solid water hundreds to thousands of meters thick under the water.
Who really knows just how deep our oceans really are.
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2021.09.25 00:12 ilufo Honestly can’t stand Sheree, anyone else?

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2021.09.25 00:12 Katoxn_YT How would you guys feel if there was an Italian campaign where Italy was on the Allied side, and Germany was on the Axis side?

View Poll
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2021.09.25 00:12 flinny1993 Uxie

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2021.09.25 00:12 throwawayhdudhdhsh I learned my gf(ex)(21F) of 5 years was seeing someone else for over a month before she broke up and I feel crushed but free

Tldr, ex was adamant that she wanted to be friends after we broke up, I was hesitant and didn't want to be used as a second choice. Recently discovered she was cheating and blocked her on everything. I don't really know how to process my emotions about the incident
The relief I feel is immense but I feel as if it's a calm before the storm, I don't want to be depressed again and I know it's knocking at the door
Only a couple days ago I was freaking out about the feelings I still had for her and the confusion I felt around us breaking up.
I learned through a friend she had been seeing multiple people while we were together.
She had also messaged friends of mine that she was going to start posting "hot videos" of herself online.
I feel free, I know I never can trust this person again and never have to worry about them or their opinions. My love for them has vanished almost completely, I now see them for exactly who they are
I feel crushed, I can't believe that I was blind to this, after learning so many of her behaviors and habits became clear.
I don't know how to feel anymore, if anyone has any words of advice please, I'm listening
We thought we were going to get married, biggest bullet dodged
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2021.09.25 00:12 Tripppinxd Someone needs to understand this meme. Please.

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2021.09.25 00:12 KindaFatBatman This is an awesome video, if braking rules please remove

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2021.09.25 00:12 Dattinator Taco Day at work. Thanks HR.

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2021.09.25 00:12 Fisher_of_men_116 Both spouses are employees on business travel so their flight costs are tax deductible. Why aren't the children's flights also tax deductible in this case?

I know IRS 463 says "You can deduct the travel expenses of someone who goes with you if that person:

  1. Is your employee,
  2. Has a bona fide business purpose for the travel, and
  3. Would otherwise be allowed to deduct the travel expenses."
I'm guessing the writers of that tax law had in mind only one spouse as the employee as that's most cases so if said spouse wants to bring along their spouse and children then that's out of their pocket since it's not part of the business.
But, when both spouses are working for the same company and need to go on the same business trip (this is my situation and we travel a couple times a year for business) then it makes sense to me that the children coming along is NECCESSARY at that point, not optional.
Anyone else in this situation and frustrated to have to pay for your child's flights when the whole trip feels like it should be tax deductible as business?
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