Don't let them

2021.09.24 22:20 UncleYimbo Don't let them

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2021.09.24 22:20 LordHint Some more

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2021.09.24 22:20 VulgarKittyx69 I caught her red hand trying to steal my phone 🤨

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2021.09.24 22:20 another-three Fire Emblem Three Houses traditional ruleset V 1.3

This is a updated versión of the Fe Three Houses traditional ruleset. This ruleset have the objective to turn Three Houses into a more classic and limited experience.
1.Limited Proficencys
The Athority limitación stays the same way that in the original ruleset version.
If you have a bane, the maximum rank you can archieve C+
If it is neutral it will be B +
If you have a boom It will be A +
The lords (including Byleth) will be the only ones to get to S+
(There is a exception but I will Talk about that in his own section)
In this new version everyone get custom proficencys (except for athority) that they are allow to rank up and classes allow to reclass, this is to make everyone more limited and unique (this Nerf 90% of the cast). I tried to make the reclass options as in character using his booms, backstory and suggestions they make but the priority is balance.
Proficencys: All
Myrmidon→Mercenary→Enlightened One
Myrmidon → Mercenary →Hero
Proficencys: All
Myrmidon→Mercenary→Enlightened One
Myrmidon → Mercenary →Swordmaster
Proficencys: Swords, Axes, Reason and Armor
Myrmidon→ Lord → Armored Lord → Emperor
Monk→ Mage → Warlock
Proficencys: Lances, Reason, Bow, Riding
Monk→ Dark Mage →Dark Bishop→Dark Knight
Fighter→Archer→Sniper→Bow Knight
Proficencys: Swords, Reason and Faith
Monk→Mage →Warlock
Proficencys: Lances, Axes, Armor and Riding
Soldier→Cavalier→Paladin→Great Knight
Fighter→ Armored Knight →Fortress Knight →Great Knight
Proficencys: Lances, Bows and Riding
Fighter→ Archer → Sniper → Bow Knight
Soldier →Cavalier →Paladin →Bow Knight
Proficencys: Axes and Brawling
Fighter→Brigand→Warrior→War Master
Fighter→ Brawler →Grappler→War Master
Proficencys: Sword, Axes, Bows and Flying
Myrmidon→Thief →Assasin
Fighter→Brigand→Wyvern Rider
Proficencys: Reason and Faith
Proficencys: Lance, Reason, Riding and Flying
Death Knight
Proficencys: Sword, Lances, Riding
Myrmidon→Lord →High Lord →Great Lord
Soldier→Cavalier →Paladin
Proficencys: Axes, Lances, Armor and Brawling
Fighter→ Armored Knight →Fortress Knight
Fighter→ Brawler →Grappler →Pilar men War Master
Proficencys: Swords and Reason
Myrmidon→Mercenary →Swordmaster→ Mortal Savant
Monk→Mage→Warlock→Mortal Savant
Proficencys: Faith, Bows and Reason
Proficencys: Axes and Bow
Fighter → Brigand →Warrior
Proficencys: Axes and Reason
Proficencys: Lances, Reason and Riding
Soldier→Cavalier→Paladin→Dark Knight
Monk→Mage→Warlock→Dark Knight
Proficencys: Swords, Lances, Riding and Flying
Soldier→ Pegasus Knight → Falcon Knight
Soldier→Cavalier →Paladin
Proficencys: Swords, Bow and Flying
Myrmidon→Lord→Wyvern Lord → Barbarossa
Proficencys: Lances, Reason and Riding
Soldier→Cavalier→Paladin→Dark Knight
Monk→Mage→Warlock→Dark Knight
Proficencys: Axes, Lances and Armor
Fighter→ Brigand→Warrior
Fighter→Armored Knight→Fortress Knight
Proficencys:Axes and Brawling
Fighter→ Brawler →Grappler→War Master
Fighter→Brigand→Warrior→War Master
Proficencys: Reason, Faith and Swords
Myrmidon→Mercenary→Swordmaster→Mortal Savant
Proficencys: Swords, Bows and Magic
Fighter→ Archer →Sniper
Myrmidon→Thief→Assasin→Mortal Savant
Proficencys: Swords, Lances, Faith and Riding
Monk→Priest →Bishop →Honly Knight
Soldier→ Cabalier→Paladin→Honly Knight
Soldier→Pegasus Knight→ Falcon Knight
Proficencys→Lances, Bows and Riding
Soldier→Cavalier→Paladin→Bow Knight
Fighter→Archer→Sniper→Bow Knight
Proficencys: Swords and Faight
Proficencys→Bows and Reason
Proficencys: Lances, Axes and Flying
Fighter→Brigand →Wyvern Rider →Wyvern Lord
Proficencys: Reason and Faith
Proficencys: Lances, Axes and Flying
Fighter→Brigand→Wyver Rider→Wyvern Lord
Proficencys: Swords and Brawling
Proficencys→Axes and Brawling
Proficencys: Lances, Axes, Armor and Riding
Fighter→ Armored Knight→ Fortress Knight → Great Knight
Soldier→ Cavalier→ Paladin → Great Knight
Proficencys: Lances and Bow
Proficencys: Sword, Reason and Faith
Proficencys: Reason, Faith and Riding
Proficencys: Axes, Brawling and Faith
War Monk
Proficencys: Sword, Reason and Flying
Dark Flyers
2.Weapon lock
In general units can only use weapons if that class they are using increase the WP exp of that weapon type. However there are some exceptions
The relics and sacred break the weaponlock rule. All of them can be use in any class.
Magic classes can use training and magic weapons if they have a proficency in that weapon type.
Great Knights can use all weapon types
All Lords exclusive classes can use Swords.
3.Personal Items and Battalions
Every relic can only be use by units with the right crest ( just like in Fe4).
The custom battalions can only be use by his corresponding character (The Galatea Pegasus can only be use by Ingrid). This are the ones you get from Gaiden chapters and the ones the character use if not recruit in the time Skip. This is the exception to the athority rule, character with a bane can raise his athority to B (like Felix) to equip It but that is the only B battalion they can equip and they can't rise his athority rank to B+ (the same with Flayn Flayn at A).
Things that are too powerfull so they must be ban.

  1. No generic mook Battle. Only the monastery misions, Gaiden chapters and special Monster Days missions.
  2. No garden stad bosters, only story ones.
  3. No fishing (stupid minigame)
  4. No online functions (It can give character access to any skill)
  5. No DLC items
  6. No Divine pulse
  7. You can't buy door Keys and chest Keys.
  8. No free Sylvain recruitment by F.Byleth
  9. No beggining month exam chesse
5.Ironman (Hard Mode recommended)
This is self-explanatory. May seem crazy do a Ironman in this game but hard Mode is easy enought to the point that Ironman Three Houses actually feels fair. Also the adjutans make very easy get people out the bench and free WP exp for everyone every week means they will be able to keep Up. I wanna say that I don't recomend do this on Maddening because of how much that Mode rely on turn whell to be berable and the cut exp make getting people out of the bench imposible.
This rules set make characters a lot more unique and turn the reclass systems into something more limitar to the DS games. I'm still not completly satisfy by the result but this ruleset turn 3H into something more similar to the classic Fe style and increase Hard Mode dificulty to a aceptable level.
This is the way I had been replaying 3H and has been a lot of fun. I would like suggestions to improve the ruleset further and units than need Buffs or nerfs.
Thanks for read all of this, I really apreciate the effort.
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2021.09.24 22:20 irrelevantappelation Alfena Portugal 1990 UFO Sighting. Note the similarities to the object filmed in San Diego 2014 (link to San Diego video in comments)

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2021.09.24 22:20 Mrclack 🗿

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2021.09.24 22:20 bkbroil Can anyone tell me what this is and how it works?

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2021.09.24 22:20 SpiritTreeTurtleBee Eye Strain with New Phone?

I was excited for my new iPhone 13 after using the XS Max for a few years, but I noticed almost instantaneously that I felt a bit motion sick. After setting it up for 45 minutes and playing around, I walked into a darker room in the house and it felt like my eyes were flickering. It went away after a bit, but I can only imagine it's the phone doing it.
Has anyone else had eye issues?
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2021.09.24 22:20 ___i____m me_irl

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2021.09.24 22:20 Chiptooth Remote meeting backgrounds I made.

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2021.09.24 22:20 heinaga1989 !💰BUSDPENCER💰! 7% Auto BUSD Rewads🚀! Just Launched! !🔒!Liquidity Locked 🔒!Transparent Team!🔥 Big potencial! 💱 Poocoin ADS ✅

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2021.09.24 22:20 Makonew_ Linux Gaming difficulty

I have a problem with running a Witcher 3 on Arch with newest stable proton version. After i hit play it start to download Microsoft vc redistribuable and it freezes it i waited 5...10...15 minutes but it wont download a vc redistribuable. Any solutions? A specs: I5-10400f Msi b460 pro Gtx 1060 3gb And 24 gb ram NVMe SSD disk 512 GB HDD 2 Tb for games A game folder is mounted permsmently to /games
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2021.09.24 22:20 Fhs3854 What are your unpopular opinions?

I apologize if this question is frequently asked but here are mine:
Chapter 1 is awful
First person mode is great
Mary Linton isn’t a bad person
I enjoyed the Guarma chapter
The game should’ve came out in 2019 to add in some left out content
Bill is one of the best characters
Arthur never truly redeemed himself (even with high honor)
Sadie should’ve died in American Venom
There shouldn’t be a third game
New Austin is the best state
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2021.09.24 22:20 natobers11 Baal's minions xp seems to be incredibly weakened

I swear the mobs before baal used to give a TON of exp, making it a really nice place to grind before nightmare, but they seem to have nerfed it greatly.
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2021.09.24 22:20 JoePanthers94 Pure beauty and class.

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2021.09.24 22:20 KitsuneCuddler I'm completely lost on what to do about my relationship with my girlfriend, I feel like it is completely deteriorating my mental health

My girlfriend is diagnosed with BPD while I'm someone who is clinically depressed and recently began developing volatile mood swings and inability to regulate my emotions at all.
Right now I'm honestly not even able to piece together what is wrong. I feel as though in this relationship, I am expected to be the emotionally regulated person at all times and am severely punished for not doing so. My girlfriend will sometimes acknowledge she has problems and has destructive behaviors, but she is currently on wait list for therapy and also has a psychiatrist, though nothing seems to get better at all.
We have been having worse and worse arguments to the point that I am constantly thinking of committing suicide almost every day because of what she says to me, or at least that's what I think is happening. I have been told so often that I am the abusive issue in this relationship that I can't even be sure if what I'm saying isn't just an attempt to garner sympathy for my plight.
I have been hospitalized in the past because I became so emotional that I harmed myself badly enough to need sutures, and it was primarily because at the time I distinctly recall being told "I was a pussy for not killing myself." Throughout the hospital stay as well I tried calling her and at some point she started getting upset that I had to stay in the mental ward for so long, saying things like "I'll start getting used to being without you"
Just now, we got into a fight because she told me something on the microphone that didn't pick up properly (we are long distance) and I was extremely confused because the part that didn't pick up was important, but it also sounded like a completed statement, so I ended up asking "what?" In a confused manner. She immediately took what I said to be an attack on her intelligence because apparently I sounded like "I was talking to a retard." She started getting mad at me for supposedly blaming her for having not told me the complete information when she did, despite the fact that I couldn't hear her since the microphone didn't pick up. I repeatedly tried to tell her I wasn't trying to blame her for anything and that I was just confused, but she just kept goingon about how I'm blaming her for things that aren't her fault and keptyelling at me, though she always refuses to acknowledge that she does yell at me.
At this point I felt so out of control that I started hitting myself and screaming about how stupid I was for not doing what she wanted me to do,I was so out of control my dad had to physically restrain me to stop me from hurting myself more.
She had already left call by then and then continued to berate me for my actions and also accused me of trying to guilt trip her because I had essentially gone insane during that moment. She then made the problem sound as thoughshes not allowed to ever criticize me, and started ranting Bout how I make her feel stupid and how I sound like her mom when I am "talking down to her"
I'm going to be frank that I definitely have done abusive things in the relationship and am trying very hard to control myself, but she always uses my past actions as justification for what she does now, and she refuses to acknowledge that she does so
The only time she us been truly remorseful of her own actions is when it is impossible to claim that I had done something wrong, for example when she had insulted me and called me a trash bitch for having woken her up when she told me to wake her up after I woke up.
Before this relationship I already had self edteem issues, but now I honestly barely consider myself human. She has repeatedly told me I am a shit human, a narcissist, and that people like me should go die. I have tried asking her to not criticize my flaws so flafrantly but it usually ends up in an argument about how "u can't ever take criticism" T the same time she will berate me for wanting to kill myself because apparently that's the cowardly thing to do and instead I should just "be better"
Eben posting this I know what her reaction. Would be if she saw this. She would tell me that I'm painting a bad picture of her and over blowing her mistakes while not talking about the good things about her, and she would also just say that if I'm so unhappy then I shouldd just leave, and otherwise I know what I'm getting into by staying with her.
She blames me for her condition worsening as well, saying that she was healthier before she met me, and that's probsbly true to some extent but it feels like a vicious cycle.
I just wish there was something we could do about all of this. I'm honestly at my wits end but I just can't bring myself to leave her because when I think of the good things we share together I just can't bring myself to want to leave. I know logically that I'm fighting an I possible task with trying to always know the right thing to do or say to not trigger her and always knowing how to deal with her responses and my own emotions given the situation I'm in.
I'm juts so fucking lost at this point, I need someone else's input I guess.
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2021.09.24 22:20 Snoo-21252 Beautiful girl😍

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2021.09.24 22:20 ESC-H-BC Why there's so many bald people in Martial Arts?

It's a genuine question, I've never met so many bald people in another field like here. Why?
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2021.09.24 22:20 makhnovist_roman Your average person with VDS and they play a Hoi4 mod where MikefromPA is a playable leader

Your average person with VDS and they play a Hoi4 mod where MikefromPA is a playable leader
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2021.09.24 22:20 leximae7 SoFi - Get $16 for signing up using the link

Use my referral code on SoFi and you’ll earn $16 for signing up. I’ll also earn $15
[Referral](Hi! 👋 Join me on the SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade and borrow — all in one app. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get $15 cash rewards.
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2021.09.24 22:20 Dullahen Obi no.

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2021.09.24 22:20 Drvape33 To me a good example of the ability to "fake" a ufo sighting.

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2021.09.24 22:20 16patterjo Holly Rowe is going the Utah Jazz broadcast as an analyst for the TV broadcast! She will be joined by Craig Bolerjack, Thurl Bailey, Micheal Smith, and Alema Herrington. Matt Harpring and Kirsten Kenney are no longer with the team.

Holly Rowe is going the Utah Jazz broadcast as an analyst for the TV broadcast! She will be joined by Craig Bolerjack, Thurl Bailey, Micheal Smith, and Alema Herrington. Matt Harpring and Kirsten Kenney are no longer with the team. submitted by 16patterjo to UtahJazz [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 22:20 johnxman Single minded party

Hello all,
Although i started playing D&D in 1978, i was mostly a player, and then took a long time off after college, until i started DMing two different games simultaneously during the pandemic (one, composed of people 50+ playing COS, and one, people in their 20's playing LMOP). So i have a long history with D&D but limited experience DMing. My question concerns how to handle my COS party. They are 5th level, and got themselves invited to dinner at the castle, which they accepted. I played the dinner as written; they met the "illusion" of strahd but not the man himself. doors slammed. drawbridge up. portcullis down. they found the secret passage out of the dining room, and quickly found themselves on the ramparts. After running from Strahd's armor, they decided they needed to escape the castle. They have now spent several hours or real time trying to open the portcullis/gate. trying literally everything, interrupted only by occasional wandering monsters. At this point, they have hacked through the rotted portcullis, and send a dwarf using spider climb over the top of the wall to hack off the "corners" of the drawbridge, where the chains connect, so they can push the drawbridge open. Given that the bridge is clearly very rotted, i'm wondering if the whole thing won't shatter and fall into the crevasse if it's allowed to free fall down to horizontal with no chains to lower it slowly. And of course theres the possibility of Strahd noticing what's up and getting really mad. i don't think it would be fun for them to feel too cornered in this location, so i hesitate to throw anything too big at them. But they have brought the situation on themselves by being completely fixated on immediate escape, instead of exploring more of the castle and maybe finding some better solution to get out of it. I also considered having a raven help them out, but that seems to deux ex machina.
I'm curious to know if other people have had trouble challenging their players without making them feel too stuck inside the castle, especially at relatively low level. any suggestions would be appreciated. we adjourned last night just before the drawbridge fell down (talk about a cliff hanger). thanks in advance.
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2021.09.24 22:20 tellysxpnightfall Beto O'Rourke Blasts Biden's Handling of Migrant Surge: 'We Should Have Seen Them Coming'

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