Fixing "Squid Game" with a very small edit.

2021.09.24 22:41 geoffsykes Fixing "Squid Game" with a very small edit.

Squid Game (the only available season) was a fantastic mystery with well-written characters and intriguing conflict. Much of the show revolves around characters who play games in an environment that presents dangerous surprises that effect the outcome of the games. For the majority of the series we are shown scenes from the perspective of particular characters, as with most TV. This prevents the audience from witnessing events that the characters are unaware of. To extend the mystery of their environment, I have one suggestion that would have made me, personally, appreciate the cloaked nature of the games much more:
At the end of the first episode, with the players' locations still unknown, we are shown a flyover from the games compound, out to a full view of a small island. What. The. Fuck. Why would they do this? After completing the series, there's nothing to suggest that this was anything more than simply an attempt to intrigue the audience further, but in doing so, they betrayed the mystery of where the characters were being held... right from the beginning of the show! Removing this shot and introducing the island from the perspective of Jun-Ho, the police officer investigating his brother's disappearance. He's literally a character that discovers island, just as the audience should have been given the opportunity to.
That's all, aside from thesilly cadence of the English speaking characters, I don't have any other major complaints about this show. It was a really entertaining series that I highly recommend.
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2021.09.24 22:41 darkenix8895 My 2nd solo clear for Nightmare Survival only 3 objectives. Not that perfect but this type of thing makes your battle awareness improve each time. No melee kills again. Thank you for reading.

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2021.09.24 22:41 MarvelsRedhood The Comedian from the Three Jokers is up for pre-Order at Walmart.

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2021.09.24 22:41 Successful-Stomach65 XP without internet?

My internet is down for the next 2 weeks. So without internet can I still gain XP by doing play now or HRD? Will it all record once I get my internet back up or am I fucked for this inning?
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2021.09.24 22:41 CatMuffin LSDream's new album Peace, Love and Wubs out now ☮💜🎵

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2021.09.24 22:41 Collector-J New rc4wd 1.0 mud bashers and new larger version of the 1.0 tsl boggers. I literally wished they would make a little bigger version in 1.0 a week before these came out. They’re both about the height of kr3 and Patagonia’s(slightly taller but slightly more narrow)

New rc4wd 1.0 mud bashers and new larger version of the 1.0 tsl boggers. I literally wished they would make a little bigger version in 1.0 a week before these came out. They’re both about the height of kr3 and Patagonia’s(slightly taller but slightly more narrow) submitted by Collector-J to SCX24 [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 22:41 Successful-Return220 hi! I just have a general question, is there a way to change your CRK account information? Like the email you signed up with and the password and if so, how?

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2021.09.24 22:41 Sea-Ad7139 Hey big dums

True back rooms is the OG creepy pasta 4chan type go to back rooms to do other things
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2021.09.24 22:41 KarooshxD Anyone has remaining full game code?

Hey, if you have a code remaining for the game would be amazing! I played the game since the closed playtest up to season 1 or 0 with block party. unlucky my prime sub ended and i cant sub again with free trial ,i cant sub monthly due to private issues
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2021.09.24 22:41 Sensitive-Two1027 Aunt kicking me out of house that isn’t hers

I (24F) am temporarily moving to another country where my aunt lives. My aunt is living in my grandparents house, and has been living there for 11 years. Meanwhile, my grandparents have moved out of this country, so there is a room free in the house. I asked my grandparents if I could stay in their house for the year or two that I’d be there and they agreed to it. My aunt, however, has told me I need to move out after finding my own place, as her husband (for cultural and religious reasons) doesn’t want an adult female living in the same house as them, long-term. My grandparents pushed back on this and told my aunt that I would be staying there for as long as I wanted.
However, my aunt has decided that instead of living in the same house as me for a year, she and her family will move out. I can’t afford the bills for the whole house on my own, as well as the house repairs that need to be done, so this was was very much a financial power move. I’ll be moving out, but I’m really hurt by all of this. My aunt and I were close before this and she told me that she thought of me like a daughter. I saw her as my favorite aunt. I’ll be moving out as soon as I can find a flat, but I’m unsure about what to say to her, or if it’s even worth trying to salvage this relationship.
There were enough rooms in the house for us all to live comfortably, it’s just her husband’s wishes that have caused the problem here. In the week that I’ve been here, she’s also left me sitting outside before, waiting to be let in (for 20 minutes once, and 2 hours on a separate occasion) because she was in online meetings. Feeling upset, but not sure if I’m being entitled, as she’s been living in the house for much longer than me, so much so that it’s practically her place.
I haven’t said anything about the situation yet. Just waiting to collect my thoughts and been focusing on finding a place. Part of me wants to cut contact and move on with my life once I find a place, but I also would feel bad doing that, considering how close we previously were. Any advice is helpful.
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2021.09.24 22:41 thenourofyourlife Chocolate tastes bitter when its more bitter than sweet

So yes, Dark chocolate is superior. However, even milk chocolate tastes bitter when it has more bitterness to it. Sweetness is overrated when it comes to chocolate, its better when its somewhat bitter
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2021.09.24 22:41 tastychomps [SPOILERS S1] Question - the science and technology behind Dark - where did the creators of the show get their inspiration from?

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2021.09.24 22:41 Creative-Leading-170 Cleaning and top removal

If anyone can answer feel free! So my bottom ones are out and I’m looking into the top ones later on. The thing is , I’m not sure how effective adding pressure will be since I don’t have my bottom ones anymore. 😩
When is suggested to do a cleaning ? I didn’t have time to do a cleaning before my bottom extraction and I’m due.
Any advice would be appreciated !
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2021.09.24 22:41 TotallyOutrun TikTok is destroying my school…

So we all know TikTok for the good and the bad. ESPECIALLY the bad. So today during science class my friend goes: “Did you hear about what happened during B lunch?” As it turns out a kid destroyed 3 BRAND NEW sinks in the boys bathroom. I’ve seen people vaping in that bathroom 2 times now. Also there’s been at least 3 fights. One was a gay kid body slamming a bully lol. But yeah TikTok trends are just the absolute best worst…
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2021.09.24 22:41 blueSnowfkake Colin got an eye-full

Even though people have speculated that he is gay, either way his facial expression was priceless when he saw Bex breastfeeding in the church! I didn’t realize it was her because I didn’t recognize Rupert with the facial hair, so, upon rewind/replay I realized who it was and what was going on.
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2021.09.24 22:41 MitchKramer1989 32 [M4F] Ohio - Don't miss out on this limited time offer

Hey there!
I'm a 32 year old "young" professional here who is looking to meet a lady for fun and maybe (it'd be nice) a relationship. TindeBumble/Whatever has been a relative letdown, so I thought maybe I'd give the old reddit a try.
- I'm 5'11, 185 with an athletic build. Dark brown hair, very light blue eyes, solid facial hair and I'm always smiling
- I love CLE sports
- Movies - All the movies
- CrossFit (I'm not drinking the kool-aid - it's a great workout!)
- Reading
- I'll pretty much love any dog you put in front of me
If you are just looking to talk.. that's fine too! I can always use some more friends. If you're interested, shoot me a message! - (Warning - A fairly SFW photo)
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2021.09.24 22:41 _comfortably-numb_ 2 FREE STOCKS & NO DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT from Webull worth up to $2300! Plus win a $2500 Visa gift card and a free guaranteed Apple stock worth ~$148! Sign up with an edu email and get an extra prize worth up to $5000! FREE💰JUST FOR SIGNING UP! (USA)

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2021.09.24 22:41 No_Mulberry9123 Drop off?

How long is it taking uber and lyft to drop off??
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2021.09.24 22:41 83percentintelligent We Need to Spam this subreddit with Norwegian pride!!!

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2021.09.24 22:41 Himpeller Karácsony ejtette Tóth Csabát, Fekete-Győr kipécézte Dobrevet, a határkerítést viszont senki nem bontaná le

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2021.09.24 22:41 squarry_the_potato Can i get a T ?

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2021.09.24 22:41 arcalius Help locked out of my Account

Help, I just changed my phone to my new iPhone 13 and now I cannot log into animal Crossing at all. I get the following error code
Data from when you joined Pocket Camp Club does not match current data, so your subscription status could not be confirmed.
Had anyone else had this? It is very frustrating and I have set up 2 factor authentication on my Nintendo account and the codes don’t want to work. I really don’t want to have to start from scratch.
Can anyone help please?
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2021.09.24 22:41 DADRedditTake2 Bathtub faucets in Canadian showers. Why?

I have been watching some of the Mike Holmes TV shows recently. Most of which take place in Canada. A few times in the show, I have seen a shower, (not a shower tub combo) that has a bathtub faucet about a foot off of the floor, in addition to the shower head up at head height. What is the purpose of that faucet?
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2021.09.24 22:41 chicagomatty My kids have been making (and naming) their own worlds

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2021.09.24 22:41 skoll309 What true men really want to be called....

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