Free Discord nudes

2021.09.25 00:06 AspectNo2604 Free Discord nudes

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2021.09.25 00:06 THROWAWAYE_LMAO I’m struggling to break the habit even though I know I must

Hey guys just venting a little and hopefully hear some thoughts.
I’ve never been a daily smoker until very recently, however I’ve been smoking for about 15 years or so. As I grow older I find the substance actually cripples me; I become way less ambitious and much more anxious.
Lately I’ve been chasing the infinite high just to play videogames and feel completely lethrgic in between smokes.
I’m tired of this lifestyle. I want to quit, but I just love the thing. I can’t have it and not want it, which is why I try not buying, but lately I’ve been keeping a constant supply.
I know what I need to do and know how to do it, and I WANT to do it, I just can’t get myself to do it… FUCK
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2021.09.25 00:06 Darkling414 Bacon Double Cheese Burger

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2021.09.25 00:06 Objective_One_1702 Is This legit?

Tl;dr: Moved to a new area and found a dealers number through their Instagram this legit or am I about to get arrested?
First thing; posting from the UK
Long story short I just moved to a new area & I’m looking for a new dealer. I find multiple pages on Instagram with a number, so I pick one with the most recent posts, WhatsApp the guy and he takes payment via PayPal...I’ve never even heard of finding a dealer this way or one who takes PayPal?! Is this legit? It seems super convenient and useful, but I’m worried it’s some kind of crazy police sting that just paranoia? Anyone heard of this before or used a similar thing? I might meet him tomorrow so any advice is appreciated!!
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2021.09.25 00:06 Leron4551 What are the two games you always confuse together?

I've been in the hobby for nearly a decade now, and for the life of me, whenever someone mentions Trajan or Targi my brain freezes over for a moment because I can't seem to remember which one is which.
Do you have two games that you know are different, but for the life of you, you can't seem to stop mixing them up in your head?
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2021.09.25 00:06 sociallithium5 Got the blood work back saying I'm positive for HSV-2.

I'm a female and this was my first reaction ever. In July I had outer irritation in my genital area, wasn't super concerned until it started to hurt when I peed. There were 4 solid days it was unbearable and I would cry on the toilet from the pain. During this time I went to my doctors and she said it looked like HSV as I had sores inside my genital area and they took cultures to test it and gave me a prescription.
During the week they called and said I tested negative for other stuff but I needed to wait on the HSV test, come Friday I learned it doesn't test for HSV and they are waiting to get those tests in the office. I go to urgent care and get another culture test (I'm starting to get better down there at this point). It turns out negative and I'm wondering if it's true or I just took the test too late as I'm starting to get better.
I scheduled a gynecologist appointment to make sure the hsv or whatever it could be was gone. She mentioned that I can do blood testing to see if I have it. Yesterday I got the news I'm positive for HSV-2.
I already went through the mental toll and "out of body" feelings when the first doctor told me it looks like HSV, so that major shock isn't here really. But I'm still shocked and keep thinking "wow I have HS-V" But now that I know for certain that I have HSV-2 and I'm worried about when or if my next flare up will be. I know it's never as bad as the first but it was nice to believe my results could of been negative and it was nice to live in la la land getting negative results but wondering if i had the testing done too late.
What were your first reactions and how are you feeling today?
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2021.09.25 00:06 BVance_VanceFridges Any Work With Instacart? Do they have an agency model?

One of my clients (small regional hardware store) wants to start selling through Instacart. I've never worked with them so I don't know how it works. Does anyone know and is willing to share?
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2021.09.25 00:06 AdRepresentative7600 Multigenerational Workforce

The last decades saw the emergence of an extremely diverse workforce. Even though the generational diversity is not a qualitatively new phenomenon—different workforce demographics have been working together for many years—the multi-generational character of the modern workplaces is undergoing a period of transformation (Joy & Haynes, 2011). Given that the pensions crisis and considerable progress in age discrimination legislation have forced older workers to prolong their retirement, it is necessary to consider the issue of multigenerational interactions. The aim of this paper is to discuss multi-generational working environments from a human resource (HR) professional perspective. The paper will also explicate selection, recruitment, and training practices that are necessary to create a workforce environment, which is characterized by a high level of diversity. Discussion Importance It is impossible to overestimate the importance of a multi-generational workforce for organizations that are willing to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. The prolongation of workplace regeneration cycles has allowed people with different sets of attitudes, beliefs, and values to share knowledge with each other, thereby making the working environment more flexible, which is essential in effective task achievement (Bennett, Pitt, & Price, 2012). Unfortunately, a multi-generational workforce is associated with conflict that might arise if it is not properly managed. According to Bennett et al. (2012), “the global redundancies, rationalization, and reorganization resulting from the recent economic crisis have undoubtedly led to increased intergenerational conflict” (p. 280). Despite the risk of intergenerational conflict, there are many benefits of intergenerational diversity such as appropriation of aging cohorts, attraction of new clients, employees, stakeholders, and business partners, fulfillment of legal requirements, and a large recruitment base among others (Walt & Plessis, 2010). Recruitment and Selection When it comes to selection and recruitment of a multigenerational workforce, managers of organizations have to remember and appreciate the differences of each generational cohort. In order to do so, it is important to recognize “the formative events each generation experienced and how these events shaped their expectations in workplace” (Bursch, 2014, p. 3). HR professionals recognize four generations that are united by a collective outlook: Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y (Al-Asfour & Lettau, 2014). In order to attract and hire a multigenerational workforce, it is necessary to have a proactive recruitment strategy that is guided by workplace planning. In an attempt to recruit experienced talent, HR managers should not miss the opportunity to use social media because they are popular even among Veterans and Baby Boomers (Ludlow & Duff, 2004). When tailoring their messages aimed at members of different generations, companies have to appeal to specific generational values. For example, while Baby Boomers might be attracted to quiet offices, Generation Y workers prefer team-based areas (Joy & Haynes, 2011). Another recruitment strategy is to use appropriate sourcing channels in order to appeal to different candidates. When it comes to the selection of a multigenerational workforce, it is important to remember that hiring decisions should not be based solely on experience and must include other assessment methods such as structured behavioral interviews. It must, however, be borne in mind that members of Generation Y are likely to expect immediate feedback; therefore, it is best to recruit a promising candidate not long after they have been selected because their interest in a position can wane (Bursch, 2014). Training Changing composition of the modern workforce demographics has highlighted the need for systematic instructional procedures aimed at the development and strengthening of the cooperative working environment (Rooij, 2012). HR professionals are aware of the fact that effective multigenerational talent management increases workers’ productivity, which results in organizational profitability. Therefore, in order to improve the function of multigenerational teams, it is helpful to consider signing team agreements that “communicate the expectation of respect and consideration of all perspectives” (Douglas, Howell, Nelson, Pilkington, & Salinas, 2015, p. 11). This is an important step that will help to create a safe environment and establish accountability. After a team agreement has been developed, it is necessary to regularly remind of it during team meetings and discuss the issues that are not being followed. In addition to establishing team agreements, managers should conduct one-on-one coaching based on unique characteristics of each generation group and individual capabilities of team members. Given that members of Generation X and Generation Y have been strongly influenced by their parents, they are open to being coached by mature HR professionals who are willing to share their experience and knowledge (Douglas et al., 2015). Members of Generation X are individualistic and self-accountable; therefore, it is recommended to use active listening skills when coaching them. It is important to conduct communication skills workshops in order to enhance team cohesion. Such workshops should include exercises that focus on generational self-discovery and allow participants to better understand generational tendencies of their colleagues. Younger employees will appreciate interactive web-based trainings, case presentations, and video vignettes (Harfoushi & Ruba, 2011). Role playing and lectures can be used to engage Veterans and Baby Boomers (Douglas et al., 2015). Unbiased Hiring Framework The development of an unbiased hiring process is especially important in the modern, fast-paced work environment. The pressures of increased competition make some companies more suspicious of hiring individuals belonging to older cohorts. Such biased employment practices reduce opportunities for unprotected people. In order to avoid selecting, interviewing, and recruiting decision errors, it is important to avoid bias that can arise during all sequential steps of the employment process (Savage, 2014). Unbiased hiring starts at job analysis phase. It is essential to avoid bias when identifying minimally acceptable knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform a job. When it comes to recruitment phase, it is necessary to advertise job openings without leaving potential applicants belonging to older generations unaware of them. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid using loaded words in job advertisements. The following words exemplify youth bias: high energy, fast passed, and fresh thinking (Savage, 2014). In order not to discriminate against highly qualified candidates from all generational cohorts, words such as experience and expertise should be used. Even though HR managers should be cognizant of a quantitative balance of their workforce composition in order to avoid diminished diversity, they, nonetheless, have to be focused on finding the right candidate. Therefore, at the interviewing phase, it is recommended to have interviewers of different backgrounds and ages, which will help to escape the trap of unintentional discrimination. Conclusion The paper has discussed multi-generational working environments and explicated selection, recruitment, and training practices that are necessary to create a workforce environment, which is characterized by a high level of diversity and tolerance. It has been shown that HR professionals have to safeguard their companies from attracting and hiring potential candidates based on unintentional age discrimination. References Al-Asfour, A., & Lettau, L. (2014). Strategies for leadership styles for multi-generational workforce. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 11(2), 58-69. Bennett, J., Pitt, M., & Price, S. (2012). Understanding the impact of generational issue in the workplace. Facilities, 30(7-8), 278-288. Bursch, D. (2014). Managing the multigenerational workplace. Douglas, M., Howell, T., Nelson, E., Pilkington, L., & Salinas, I. (2015). Improve the function of multigenerational teams. Nursing Management, 12(1), 11-15. Harfoushi, O., & Ruba. O. (2011). E-Training acceptance factors in business organizations. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning, 6(2), 15-18. Joy, A., & Haynes, B. (2011). Office design for the multi-generational knowledge workforce. Journal of Corporate Real Estate, 13(4), 216 – 232. Ludlow, B., & Duff, M. (2004). Online training and staff development: Facilitating a program’s global outreach. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 48(1), 506 -515. Rooij, S. (2012). Training older workers: Lessons learned, unlearned and relearned from the field of instructional design. Human Resource Management, 51(2), 281-298. Savage, Z. (2014). Human resource management: A contemporary approach. New York, NY: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Walt, S., & Plessis, T. (2010). Leveraging multi-generational workforce values in interactive information societies. Journal of Information Management, 12(1), 1-7.
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2021.09.25 00:06 TBC_Maxwell Hey hey hey, everyone the new episode is out now! Some really fun new mods to mess around with, I hope you enjoy!

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2021.09.25 00:06 GabyScry99 Request for Bleach Theme Please

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2021.09.25 00:06 Mythromize Wtf was that shit!?

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2021.09.25 00:06 RalNora Usta çocuk- usta çocuk öldü mk

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2021.09.25 00:06 Niiram New set up, no signal on the monitor?

Hello, I Just ordered some new pieces and i made a "new" PC. I turned it on, and it loaded fine into the bios where i selected the USB to reinstall Windows ( i am using my previous hard disk but i want to reinstall Windows and format it)
I had to go to dinner, so i turned it off and said well i Will do it later.. but now my monitor doesn't receive any signal from my PC.
Specs are the following: Intel i5 10400F A used GTX 960 gifted from a friend. Corsair airflow 275R as case Corsair CX650M 650 W as psu. MSI Z490 APRO as mobo Kingstone Fury Beast 2x 8Gb DDR4 RAM A pretty old hard disk coming from my previous PC.
I don't think it's the cable or the monitor since i could see before turning It Off, right?
But i don't get where is the problem now. Can't get info the bios or load Windows normally
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2021.09.25 00:06 ghost-townn Soo...a few questions regarding her playstyle

I've now had the chance to play a few games on her, but I ran into issues that seriously impact my performance on the champion. Since some of you already got the opportunity to play her back on the PBE, you might be able to help me out here.

  1. What runes are best on her? I'm currently running electrocute, but I notice more and more that it doesn't really suit my rather passive playstyle in lane. It proves to be rather useless in teamfights as well. I've seen some people take comet on her. Should I try it instead of electrocute? My reasoning here is that it might help my long distance poke a lot of more, given how I'd need to get a lot closer to actually proc electrocute, either by using W or autos. Wouldn't be that big of an issue with comet instead.
  2. Which ability should I skill second? Currently, my skill order is Q - E - W, though I've heard of some people maxing W second instead of E. What's your take on that?
  3. What is my job in teamfights? I noticed a weird trend in my Vex games. My kdas are okay (one game I was even fed as hell), but I almost always lose these games later on because I can't for the life of me figure out how to teamfight. What combos do you use? Am I just supposed to poke them with q until we're ready to go in? I just feel that in teamfights, even if I unleash a whole combo onto them, they don't die and I'm left waiting for my abilities to be off cd again. I thought she was a burst mage, isn't she supposed to kill enemies with one combo? Maybe I'm just playing it wrong, but she feels more like an artillery mage right now.
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2021.09.25 00:06 WeHeartGaming New World Beats - NOT another guide video. Just messing around.

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2021.09.25 00:06 TRUMP_IS_GOING_DOWN ★what do y'all think?★

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2021.09.25 00:06 Intrepid_Atmosphere CFM Madden 22 PS4

CFM Madden 22 PS4 Week 7 Updated Regular Rosters All-Madden Comp Game Mode 7 Minute Quarters 24 hour Advancements Dev Traits/Dev Tiers Active Commish Team POTW Rewards Lenient Gameplay Rules Good reward system Open teams: Packers Vikings Cowboys Jets Raiders Chiefs
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2021.09.25 00:06 Tony_BasQue AFK Players are out of hand

Back in season 7 imposters mode was filled with players that actually wanted to play the mode. But now it is full of AFK players that are there only for the xp, since epic made the xp so unbelievably bad in BR, heck we got 3 new birthday challenges today which all give you +0xp ... Almost every match has at least 2 or 3 of them, so every meeting drags out since you have to wait the whole 2 minutes even if everyone else voted in 10 seconds, plus sometimes you know who the imposter is, but you can't win since those crucial votes are non existent since they are just there doing nothing, ruining the experience for the people acrually wanting to enjoy the mode. Earlier today I was in a match where like 6 players we're AFK and i was like... "Are you serious?".
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2021.09.25 00:06 mayraibs50 Up to 30% discount from Ecco Bella Better Your Beauty

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2021.09.25 00:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Bonus Edition: UNGA Special with Melissa Fleming

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2021.09.25 00:06 Stoopidwoopid This Is The Way.

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2021.09.25 00:06 bamisbig Someone here painted the creation of Adam on the county map, and I decided I would take on a similar project of much larger scales: this took 4 hours a day for 7 years.

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2021.09.25 00:06 N-Word-Scizzorhands Gotta love the grind

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2021.09.25 00:06 reddit_feed_bot Fox News Politics: Assault on female US service member by male Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss under FBI investigation

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2021.09.25 00:06 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Titanium White Fennec: Hardline] [Cobalt Tachyon] [Reactor]

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