Spotted on my local Craigslist. This warmed my heart.

2021.09.24 23:02 One_Eyed_Man Spotted on my local Craigslist. This warmed my heart.

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2021.09.24 23:02 FactaNonVerba1313 Something something macro rig something something pistol something

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2021.09.24 23:02 AllCouponFree First Steps Into Recruitment And Selection

Free Certification Course Title: First Steps Into Recruitment And Selection
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.24 23:02 your_mah Join the void

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2021.09.24 23:02 163420 IneedToGetRatelimited

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2021.09.24 23:02 LucelliaTV 100 Hours of Nuzlocke in 6 Minutes || Hardcore Emerald Montage

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2021.09.24 23:02 Physical_City1457 “Is curing patients of COVID-19 a sustainable business model?” Goldman Sachs analysts ask

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2021.09.24 23:02 BananaPie-Proxies Wheeling Finale of Promise in Inalla?

So, I'll start this post by explaining that I'm new to Innala. I'm trying to pick her up and figure her out entirely, but have barely started playing her. Hence, I'm here, with a question about something that came up earlier.
I had a turn one, ancient tomb, into a 2 CMC rock + crypt into a WOF. However, I by doing this, discarded a Finale of Promise (which is necessary for the Spellseeker line). And I wheeled into a Spellseeker with a mental misstep, Force of Will, Mox diamond and lands.
Either my knowledge of the lines isn't good enough and there's just a way of playing around this and still be able to win T2, or was I right and did I screw with the Seeker line by discarding the Finale. Is there a piece that I can tutor up that can fix this problem and still allow me to go off?
If a more experienced Innala player (or someone with more knowledge of the deck ofcourse) could help me out with this, I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks!
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2021.09.24 23:02 surfANDmusic How do I use the usb-c connection for HDMI? I have the converter

When I bought this laptop used the guy that sold it to me gave me this cable and told me it’s a lightning cable that I can use to connect an external monitor. When I plug it in my laptop says that something is connected but nothing displays on the monitor. The monitor does work when I connect it to the original hdmi port
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2021.09.24 23:02 mbslim Shoutout to Gewoonjohn and sarita512

Added 5 to raid but these two joined and stayed and we won with 9 seconds left and got me a perfect azelf, I’m happy now that I have a perfect legendary
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2021.09.24 23:02 cmayfi My boy has been very rubby since being neutered

Hello, this isn't a bad thing at all, but just something I found curious and was wondering if anyone knew why this was happening. My boy Tippy got neutered on Tuesday and everything went great. He recovered well Tuesday and Wednesday. But since then he's been very rubby. He will rub his face/cheek on my laptop or a table leg or a box A LOT. Way more than he ever would before. It's completely adorable, but I was wondering if and how this is correlated to him being neutered? Thanks!
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2021.09.24 23:02 SamuraiSponge Reverse Mitosis On Dom Wickingsworth's Left Toenail

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2021.09.24 23:02 FrantixGE Fix the invasion mode please

As we all know by now, it has a lot of problems (lag, rubberbanding, poorly balanced skills, one hit kills with the machete, OP weapon combos, Colts hiding in tunnels etc.), but the amount of times I got killed right away or was greeted by a „Colt left through the tunnels“-message when I spawned in IS. TOO. DAMN. HIGH.
I‘d like the mode to not die quickly, but there are people that give the mode only one or two chances before they never touch it again, and it‘s in a pretty rough state right now.
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2021.09.24 23:02 Graciegrumps 21/F/UK

Hello! I am a 21 year old female from the UK who is seeking a pen friend. I’d love to be able to write letters to someone as I find that writing down everything makes me very happy and I’d love to share that with a friend! I love writing in general and sharing that with someone would be incredible! Please let me know if you would like to be a pen pal! Here are some of my interests:
Writing Reading Watching medical tv shows I want to be a pharmacist one day! I’m currently studying pharmacology HND to become a pharmacy technician (which is a 2 year course here in the UK) I am a competitive cheerleader!
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2021.09.24 23:02 Visordad I don’t know about any other Jersey folks but I’ll be turning on all my outdoor lighting!!

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2021.09.24 23:02 kunallanuk PSA: Manual jockey is enabled

For anyone struggling to jockey against opponents wondering why it’s so tough to stay in front of attackers, this is probably why. I’m having much more success just sprinting at attackers and using L2 as a brake to switch directions than just sitting in jockey and mirroring moves as was successful in previous fifas. How’s everyone else finding jockeying?
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2021.09.24 23:02 -Kimochii- How to Counter Omen

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2021.09.24 23:02 3headeddragn A month into my fitness journey, starting to see some progress

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2021.09.24 23:02 Eagle3066 🚀 H y p e r L a u n c h 🚀 | 💰 Private Sale Starting Soon 💰

⭐️⭐️ HyperLaunch - Decentralized PreSale Platform ⭐️⭐️
A new, revolutionary Launchpad with an actual use case and development going on. No more memecoins, no more rugpulls, be part of something that will eventually replace DXSale. HyperLaunch is a deflationary and passive yield generating DeFi project geared toward the development of HyperLaunch, our decentralized presale platform that will enable DeFi projects to launch their presale funding campaigns at a lower cost.
Project Details
HyperLaunch is our custom developed presale application designed to simplify defi project presale campaigns. It functions as a standalone application that enables projects to launch their presale funding campaigns at a lower cost, because we know an intuitive and easy process is key for a smooth launch. HyperLaunch will also integrate with our HyperGate exchange to create a smooth and seamless sales process. HyperLaunch will be phase one of our ecosystem development with the development to begin shortly after our presale campaign.
🌐 Website:
❗️ Defi campaign funding presales!
❗️ Liquidity Locking!
❗️ Token locking!
❗️ Easy & Intuitive Custom User Interface!
❗️ Complete testing environment!
❗️ Support for BSC & Ethereum presales!
❗️ Complete presale campaign management!
❗️ Development to begin right after presale!
❗️ Lower cost!
❗️ Private sale management!
⚡️ 10 Billion max supply
⚡️ 10% transaction fee.
⚡️ 2% Automatic Burn
⚡️ 4% Passive Staking reward to holders
⚡️ 4% Marketing & Development wallet
💲 Liquidity Locked after launch 💲
Our Tokenomics are simple and designed to support the best interest of our holders and the project success. From each transaction 2% is automatically sent to the burn wallet to decrease the total supply supporting an increasing price floor while 4% is returned to our holders as a passive staking reward for holding. Additionally, 4% from each transaction is sent to the Marketing & Development wallet to ensure we have the funds to successfully develop and market the application.
Join us on Telegram as we build our community.
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2021.09.24 23:02 staticdreads a summay of who i got to trade dm

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2021.09.24 23:02 BerthaLandes Seattle Nimbism in a nutshell

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2021.09.24 23:02 dadvisonfelix 28 [M4F] Medford, ma. Let's have some fun this weekend ( romantic and Hook up)

I'm a 30 yrs old black man, tall, clean, a little muscular and respectful. I'm looking for a woman to have fun ( romantic and Hook up) with me this weekend ( Sunday) message me if you interested. Let's talk
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2021.09.24 23:02 j7014 Trish Stratus

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2021.09.24 23:02 SmiterMcStabby H: Helmet W: junk offers

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Hey guys! I need some advice. I am a full time student. A week ago I accepted an internship (no contracts signed) at a logistics company that imports machinery as an operations intern. I'm due to come in on Monday. The position is paid, and I could make a noticeable impact there and learn a few things. I'm a little interested in their work but not super passionate.
However, I just got a call from Ernst and Young (EY, a very big international company) to come work with them for a few months (no pay) as a consulting intern. For context, I "won" a month-long internship at my university career fair in the summer and have already interned at that EY. The work was in my opinion menial and I didn't make any connections as it was all online. This time it seems it may be more of a serious long-term project. The issue is I feel like it isn't a "real" internship as I haven't gone through any of the rigorous interviewing or testing, HR is just calling on me to help, I assume. I really want to be a consultant in the future, so now I'm torn between these two options.
I really will feel bad about rejecting the first company... I feel like I should test the waters out with both of them somehow since it's not contractual really, but I would feel even worse for wasting their time so im not going to do that .... I may regret rejecting the first company if it doesn't work out with EY for whatever reason.

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