Because only men are responsible for having sex?

As if we're not inundated with enough bad news these days, a study was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior that contained some truly depressing stats: Americans are having measurably less sex than they used to. As of 2014, married couples are down to 56 times a year (from 67 in 1989), and Millennials—yes, the Tinder-swiping, fun-loving, party generation—are having sex less ... Because of the lack of sufficient data and the heterogeneous nature of different sex aids, a systematic review could not be performed. Conclusion: Having a comprehensive understanding of the sexual dynamics of individuals and couples combined with the appropriate integration of sex aids may have a positive effect in the treatment of male sexual ... Sex Lives of the Potato Men: Directed by Andy Humphries. With Johnny Vegas, Mackenzie Crook, Carol Harvey, Helen Latham. Follows the sexual antics of a group of potato delivery men in Birmingham. Filed Under: Featured Content, Sex & Relationships Tagged With: Carrie Wynn, dating, marriage, mental health, relationships, social life 12 Signs Your Date Is Sexist – Because ‘You’re Not ... Sex or gender discrimination in employment involves treating someone unfavorably because of the person’s sex, whether they are applying for a job or are a current employee. Although women have made clear they have the ability to perform with the same skill and success in every endeavor engaged in by men, the issue of sex discrimination still ... Because much of the signaling is itself benign behavior, some gay rights activists and lawyers have admonished police departments for arresting men who have done little more than tap their feet. Having sex with a man and a woman is different, according to the bisexual men and women of Reddit.While of course there are the more obvious differences due to physical size and parts, there also ... Some men enjoyed receiving anal sex from other men because this act allowed them to experience pleasure, but without the pressure they felt when they had sex with women. For example, several men explained that they felt like they were expected to be in control when they had sex with women, but not with men. Among men who have anal sex with other men, anal sex without use of a condom is considered to be high-risk for STI transmission. A person who inserts their penis into an infected partner is at risk because sexually transmitted diseases (STDS/STIs) can enter through the urethra or through small cuts, abrasions, or open sores on the penis. Also, condoms are more likely to break during anal sex ... Men, whom many women have been taught would rather have sex than breathe oxygen, do have preferences when it comes to positions. And get this: Many even favor quality over quantity. And get this ...

2021.10.16 23:08 Pickup_your_nuts Because only men are responsible for having sex?

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2021.10.16 23:08 Realistic-Trick-9078 Spring Lease Takeover

Hey guys. I’m looking to potentially lease an apartment for the Spring semester since I’ll be working a co-op in Baytown until May. Preferably a 1 bedroom, studio, or with other male rooommates. Please let me know if you have lease you’re wanting taken over for the spring semester, how much the monthly cost is, whether it’s furnished, and the apartment complex name. Thank you!
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2021.10.16 23:08 _XLS_ What are Golf pieces that are least likely to be fake? Read as "what Golf pieces are hardest to fake?"

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2021.10.16 23:08 kramboll Who’s the boss now?

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2021.10.16 23:08 Senhorbrutal69 Abyss 2.2 with Ayaka+ Xiao showcase

This run can be better, perma freeze Ayaka is so broken but against Maguu kenki Ayaka team is bad you can't use Xq because hydro can remove cryo element on Maguu Kenki and you lose the Ayaka crit rate.
Xiao is very good on this Abyss, all chamber has many enemies then Aoe damage is very important and Xiao Aoe damage is very great
I hope you enjoy this gameplay
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2021.10.16 23:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Curtis Sliwa rips Eric Adams over vaccine mandate for school kids | NY Post

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2021.10.16 23:08 LadySaturnine Faster-Paced Episodes in S3?

Hi all. I’ve been slowly making my way through this series over the past couple months and I’m currently about halfway through Season 3. I tend to not watch much TV because I’m a HSP who gets easily overstimulated, but have found this series to be calming and heartwarming for the most part, and I love Japanese culture.
But I’ve started to feel like the episodes have become more “packed” or faster paced… has anyone else noticed this or is it my imagination? I started to feel that way sometimes in Season 2, but now with 3 I really feel that to be the case. They’re still somewhat enjoyable for me, but a bit stuffed with more dialog and scene changes, etc. Anyone else pick up on this? And if so, does that continue into Seasons 4 and 5 with the Tokyo Stories sets?
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2021.10.16 23:08 PuppyFaner [US-FL] [H] Bauer 2 black brass, Leaf 65, Jelly Epoch dewdrop, Vega blue, Think 6.5 V1, GMK boneyard, MT3 Serika [W] Paypal

Hello everyone, since I bought too much keyboard recently, I decided to sell some to get some money back. All keyboard came with itself only, no switches, no keycaps on it!
-Bauer 2 black and brass, brand new, still sealed in box, 1350 usd shipped
-Blue Vega 65, alu plate and hotswap pcb, flawless condition, 800 usd shipped
-Jelly Epoch dewdrop, pc plate and hotswap pcb, flawless condition, only some finger print on the brass weight, 1000 usd shipped
-Think 6.5 v1, black with black badge and an extra gold badge, hotswap pcb, good condition, 300 usd shipped
-Leaf 65, alu plate and hotswap pcb, WK with front logo, pink coating for top and bottom case, e-white for middle frame and accessories, brand new, still sealed in box, 600 usd shipped
-GMK Boneyard base + novelty + domino still sealed in box, 270 usd + shipping
-MT3 serika katakana + modifiers, only mounted for photos, never used, 150 usd + shipping
CONUS only
Please comment before PM, thank you!
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2021.10.16 23:08 keats26 Weekend sale! Bo RCs, Shane Mcclanahan lot, PSA Ja rookie, Larry Fitz rookie. Prices in captions

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2021.10.16 23:08 PlayerGamer103 What was the best game you made up as a child?

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2021.10.16 23:08 SirMasonParker Guess which playthrough I am starting. Any tips for Captain Capitalism and the quest to crumble the community center?

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2021.10.16 23:08 yoda-ghost Map of German states

I was hoping to make a collaborative map of the German states before unification
anyone intrested in helping?
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2021.10.16 23:08 EmotionOk4366 F18 Mole on side, thoughts?

Hey, im just a little worried about this mole on my side. Im not sure if it looks any different to usual so can anyone tell me if it looks worrying. Thank you
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2021.10.16 23:08 Zigog Mr. Dave and his little buddy Karkat

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2021.10.16 23:08 colehock This came up on Facebook market in my area. Someone comented it looks like Santa Muerte cross. Would anyone agree? Or have any info about it?

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2021.10.16 23:08 Critical_Peace7728 Crystals and young kids

I need ideas on a somewhat aesthetically pleasing way to store crystals and other stones so that my toddler can’t easily get to them.
The only thing I can think of is maybe a cool looking jar. Do you all have any other ideas?
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2021.10.16 23:08 TootieTimeless Please Join r/StateofMississippi - Thank You!

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2021.10.16 23:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Eric Adams hopeful Kyrie Irving will suit up soon for hometown Nets | NY Post

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2021.10.16 23:08 bigtechdroid Why did our dog not recognise me when I wore a cap?

It was my first time wearing a cap and my dog freaked out and started barking at me.
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2021.10.16 23:08 Zewen_Senpai クール系だけどしっかり大きいお姉さん

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2021.10.16 23:08 throwdeleteaway 3 years ago, I (28F) fell in love with a man (33M) who was in an open marriage that ended in divorce. I still have feelings for him, but I’m monogamous.

Hi, Internet. I have come to you for advice/insight. Can people be polyamorous or monogamous, depending on their partner?
TLDR: Had a very strong connection with a guy 3 years ago. He was in an open marriage that turned out to be a very unhealthy relationship and it ended in divorce. We both really liked each other but agreed that it was not a good time to continue the relationship. He also didn’t know at that time if he was poly or not. Recently, I have been wanting to reach out to him and see if he is interested in trying again, but found out he is seeing someone new (within the last year). Her profile states she is in an open relationship, and they live together. I’m pretty heartbroken over this information, but still want to reach out to let him know I still have feelings for him. I am monogamous. I accept that the most likely outcome is rejection. I’m ok with just having said my piece. Am I stupid? Is this a bad idea?
3 years ago, I (25F) met this guy on Tinder (let’s call him G, 30M). His profile stated that he was in an open relationship and he was looking for connection. We met up and during the first date he clarified that he was in an open marriage. They had been together for 10 years, married for 5. He said his spouse (L, 28F) was bisexual, and they didn’t want her to close off that part of herself. They opened up the relationship about 2 years ago and were each seeing other people.
I had only heard about open relationships/non-monogamy/polyamory at that time, but didn’t know much about it. I was fairly sure I was monogamous, but was curious to learn more about that world and about myself. I did not have a lot of relationship experience at that point: I had only been in one serious monogamous relationship that lasted 2 years, which ended about 5 months before we matched. I knew I didn’t have the emotional bandwidth for another serious commitment and remember thinking (naively), “Great, this could be like a part-time relationship,” which was what I thought I could handle at the time. I went in without any expectations.
We started seeing each other regularly and, sure enough, I started to fall in love with him. I began to learn more about him and his spouse. They actually did not live in the same space most of the time: she was finishing grad school in a city a few hours away and he would drive over on the weekends to be with her. I would usually stay over at his place during the middle of the week. Sometimes she would drive down, and the 3 of us would eat dinner together. At first everything was fine; they both seemed like interesting people and I enjoyed getting to know both of them. We went on a double date with one of her partners. G came out to his family that he was in an open relationship a few months into dating and I met his parents and some of his friends.
But then, things began to come up to reveal not all was right with their marriage. They had gotten together very young (he was a sophomore in college, she was a senior in high school, both from the same small town). He got a job right out of school and financially supported her while she finished undergrad (I believe her parents paid for undergrad tuition) and then started grad school.
His partner, it turns out, was a very troubled and unwell person. She seemed to have several mental health issues that were not managed, including severe depression. G was the sole wage earner and also took care of almost everything else in the household (cooking, cleaning, laundry, bills) when L was in a depressed period, which was often. G was raised to be very independent and self-sufficient. I wondered how he came to occupy this caretaker role. It feels good to be needed, of course. I wonder if by doing so much, G thought that he would be irreplaceable. But he came to realize he was not happy having to do everything all the time, especially when the effort was not reciprocated.
G was aware of some of the unhealthy elements of his marriage, but I think he started to really come to terms with them while dating me. It seems that he had been holding out for a long time with the hope that things would improve after the present challenge/transition period was over (after L finished college, after L finished grad school, after L found a job and they could live together again, etc.), but it never did. I think dating a different person offered a new perspective and contrasting experience to what a relationship could look like. It made him realize how burnt out he was, and how long he had been burnt out.
I found out that he thought of himself as a callous and insensitive person, and he was trying hard to be better. I was confused, as he was already one of the kindest, most caring individuals I had ever met. And then I became angry when he told me that these were all things that L had called him. It seemed that L would say these sorts of things when they had disagreements, accusing him of being unable or unwilling to consider things from her point of view. She even went as far as suggesting he seek out support groups for abusers. It’s unclear if L truly believed these things or if it was said just to cause injury, but G would took these accusations to heart, beating himself up for not having enough “empathy.”
L didn't like G’s family, so they didn’t visit often and he’d grown apart from them in the last few years. I encouraged him to visit his parents more when they moved closer to the area, and also to start therapy to address his feelings of burnout and negative self-image. He did both. I asked him if he and L had ever considered couples counseling. He said that was something they were probably long overdue for, and that hopefully that would be something they could work on after she graduated in a few months. I was glad to hear that, as I assumed that would only improve the other aspects of his life, including his relationship with me.
He was impressed and appreciative of the way I lived my life. He told me he admired me for the way I took care of myself, and took care of him (planning dates, making dinner, helping with household repairs). One morning, he quietly thanked me for being so generous with my attention and time. I remarked that, while I think I’m a pretty nice person and give myself credit where it’s due, I’m not THAT nice. When you’ve been treated like shit, basic decency seems like extraordinary kindness.
Looking back, I can see that I definitely became entangled in a mess that was not mine. But I was in love, and thought that I wouldn’t be able to understand G without understanding his important relationships, which included his marriage. When he mentioned his frustrations with L, I tried to be as impartial and uninvolved as I could be, aware that I was hearing things from his side and also not wanting to come across as a biased romantic rival. It really gave me no joy to talk about their issues, as it detracted from the time we were spending together. I think I knew at that time that I was not poly. I remember thinking earlier on that if I realized that I was definitely monogamous and we needed to break up, it would be sad for G but not devastating since he would have his other relationship.
They ended up getting a divorce about 10 months after I had started seeing him. L initiated the divorce very soon after finishing grad school. G was very hurt, and wondered if that might have been her plan for a while. G and I were supposed to go on a trip that weekend; I had taken the time off work, we had planned out the details. Instead, I helped him sort through their belongings and pack up her stuff. It was a traumatic experience for him, but it was also incredibly painful for me as well. I loved this man and it hurt me so much to see him in so much pain.
At that point, we decided to go no-contact for a few months: he needed to sort through all the divorce paperwork/logistics, and I needed to step away from the whole situation.
After the no-contact period ended, we met up a few times to discuss where we would go from there. We decided at that time that, although we loved each other and cared deeply for one another, it was just not a good time for the relationship. He didn’t know if he was poly or not, just that he desired some level of companionship. I was definitely monogamous. He was understandably wary about getting into another serious relationship, after his last one ended in such chaos. He needed time and space to process and heal from his divorce. His close friends and family were also concerned that we would be moving too fast; this was after all a very raw and vulnerable time in his life.
I was also considering changing career paths, which would involve me having to go back to school. I told him that I’d like to stay friends, but was not sure if I could do that without wanting more. He said to reach out to him when it no longer hurt. He wanted me as a friend, someone in his life. He said he’d wait for me to reach out first. I told him he could contact me when he felt he was ready for a serious relationship.
Present Day
It’s been 2 years since then. We haven’t talked or seen each other at all. In that time, I have been working full time (essential worker in healthcare) and taking prerequisite classes in preparation for grad school. I was accepted into the program I wanted, and started this fall. I will finish in a little over a year. I was seeing a guy (FWB situation) until recently, but have always thought about G in the back of my mind. I have not looked seriously for a romantic interest, but am now ready to turn my attention to that part of my life.
I did something stupid: I went looking for information I knew might hurt me, and I found it. G is seeing someone now. Her profile says she is in an open relationship, they are living together.
I am kicking myself for not reaching out sooner. It seems their relationship started in the spring, which was when I found out that I had been accepted into my program. Maybe if I had reached out to him then … but at that point, not everyone was vaccinated and I would have been worried about that.
My friends asked me why I waited so long to reach out. I really didn’t want to get in the way of his healing process. I wanted him to have time and space to explore himself. I knew it was also probably important for him to date other people, but I didn’t want to be around to watch that. I didn’t want ours to be a default relationship, just because we had history. I wanted to be actively chosen. I also felt I should have a better idea of what I was doing with my life before I reached out. Now I have that, but he’s not available.
I know we did not make any promises when we split. We did not say we would wait for each other. But I think I was always hopeful things would work out/the stars would align or something. I have taken this new information very hard. For the last 2 weeks I have had difficulty eating and sleeping, and have been crying a lot.
I know I should be smart but
I think I am still going to reach out to him. I’m just going to act like I did not see the social media info and reach out to see if he is interested in reconnecting. I know the wise thing would be to move on, but I had such a strong reaction and I just know if I don’t say anything, I will always wonder and regret it.
I was thinking of sending a text like this user here:
Hi ____,
I hope this isn’t weird to hear from me out of the blue, and I’m really sorry if it’s an intrusion. It’s _______. In the past year, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about people and places that I miss, and your name always ends up on that list. I know lives change and people drift apart, but I find myself wondering how you are from time to time. I hope you’re thriving in whatever you’re doing. If you want to reconnect, I would love that, but otherwise, take care and I wish the very best alway.
Take care,
It’s completely possible that he fully ignores me. That’s fine, it will end there. If he is interested in meeting up, I want to ask him if he is poly through and through. If he is, then I have my answer: I’m barking up the wrong tree and I can stop. If he is only practicing polyamory but he himself is not polyamorous … I guess I would just let him know I still have feelings for him, but that I’m monogamous. Should his relationship status change in the next few years (when I know I will still be in the same city) and he’s interested in exploring a relationship with me, give me a call. But I’m not going to wait. I’m going to put myself out there.
Am I stupid? Is this a bad idea? I realized the odds are not in my favor AT ALL, but I still want to reach out. No matter how things turn out, this would be closure.
It has also occurred to me that much of how I am feeling right now is based on the individual that I knew in the past; it’s possible that we wouldn’t even like the people that we are today.
I might also have to accept that I’ve been in love with someone who is fundamentally incompatible. Wish I had this realization earlier.
And yet another part of me wonders if I’ve been reading the situation wrong this whole time. I emotionally supported him during a very difficult period of his life. Looking back at my journal entries from that time, I came across this: “Sad and hurt and angry. Not 100% rational, but that’s ok. Can’t help but feel a little used and discarded ... Now I've been sucked into your drama and helped you out of it, you’re just done with me? … Did you ever like me for me instead of just an escape from your miserable marriage?”
Please help, Internet. I’ve spent too much time in my own head and am very tired and broken.
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2021.10.16 23:08 the_horoscope_killer My first page of notes after jumping back into study after many many years. Feels very satisfying.

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2021.10.16 23:08 _kermie__ Medics!

A common trouble that has been present since the games release. But my god, it's infuriating! To play as a medic, your goal is to ultimately revive your teammates, however the trouble 'we' face is the reason we need to revive is because they've been shot due to enemies being near, therefore we cannot just jump into the middle of the battlefield without getting shot ourselves. What I'm trying to say is, if you've been shot in the open, if you can, please wait! 'We' can see you, but we're not about to risk 2 lives just to save the one, think about where you died and whether or not it's accessable without risking our life.
I say this because too many times, I've waited for the coast to be clear, run for a downed soldier, only for them to skip at the last second, that means my guard is down as I've equipped the syringe, and too many times I've then been killed as a result of running out to try and save someone.
This, no don't doubt, has been said many of times, 'we'd' just like to share our trouble.
I hope fellow medics can relate! Happy fighting!
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