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X570 aorus xtreme Rev 1.2 bios problem

2021.12.04 14:13 Izzy_Deadjet X570 aorus xtreme Rev 1.2 bios problem

I recently updated my bios, about a week or 2 ago, and ever since I can only get into it like 1 out of 10 times. Every other time I try to enter it just goes to a black screen, my monitor stays on, but the screen starts as a back-lit black screen, then no back lighting, but doesn't go to sleep. I end up having to hold the power button to shut it off. It loads windows fine but for whatever reason I just can't get into the bios.
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Sister. I've noticed that your reddit avatar is not wearing a hijab. When you wear a hijab, you are obeying the commands of Allah, and you can expect great rewards in return. It is Allah's protection of your natural beauty. You are too precious to be "on display" for each man to see. It is Allah's preservation of your chastity. Allah purifies your heart and mind through the hijab. Allah raises your dignity through the hijab. When a strange man looks at you, he respects you because he sees that you respect yourself. And this applies to your reddit avatar as well.
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2021.12.04 14:13 Unqualif1ed [Reality Television] A “Sociopath” And A Sexual Assault Scandal Take A Social Experiment To Its Limit, Or The First “Bad” Season Of Survivor: Thailand

Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault and harassment, racism, rape, bullying
39 Days
16 People
1 Survivor
By 2002, Survivor had already established itself as one of the biggest shows on national television, with well over twenty million viewers nationwide tuning in each week to see who would become the next “Sole Survivor”. Riding off its tremendous success, Survivor would turn to Thailand for its fifth season. With 16 new contestants, on top of several new twists production hoped would help evolve the game, it looked like this season had all the ingredients to continue Survivor’s home run streak. Unfortunately, Survivor: Thailand would soon become known as the first “bad” season of Survivor according to fans, and responsible for some of Survivor’s earliest and most controversial happenings. Known for its awful cast, uncomfortable drama, and plenty of scenes that have aged poorly each passing year, Thailand remains one of the most infamous seasons in Survivor history.
What Is Survivor?
Feel free to skip if you’ve read any of my previous write ups, I recommend my first Game Changers thread or my Island of Idols write up for further reading as both incidents will be referenced in some capacity here.
Survivor is a reality television competition where contestants are stranded on a deserted location and compete for a million dollars while living with the bare essentials. Upon arrival, contestants are split up into teams, called tribes, and compete for rewards to improve their living conditions as well as immunity from Tribal Council. The losing contestants must make the trek to Tribal Council to vote someone off their tribe: whoever has the most votes will be eliminated from the game. When about half the cast has been eliminated, the tribes are merged into one and contestants must then compete individually to win immunity. Finally, when only a handful of castaways remain, the contestants who have made it to the merge but were voted off form a jury that chooses which remaining contestant will earn the title of Sole Survivor, winner of the million dollar grand prize.
Each season varies in structure, and there are numerous twists and changes incorporated to switch things up, but Survivor at its core is truly a social game. The winner is usually not the one who wins the most challenges or does the most work at camp (though both of those traits can certainly help), but someone who can form strong bonds with others or at the very least have a story and strategy that the jury is willing to vote for.
A Tense Opening
As stated before, Survivor: Thailand introduced sixteen new contestants to compete for a million dollars. With the tribes divided into two teams of eight, the castaways set out to establish allies, target future threats, and keep their alliances together. For the most part, it was a standard Survivor fare with some pretty interesting culture clashes and comedic moments. But the issues many had with this season would soon rear their head.
Ghandia Johnson had been in a tentative position throughout the game, having weak challenge performances early on and increasing tension with the rest of her tribe. She wasn’t completely isolated however, and received emotional support through fellow castaway Ted Rogers. But this all changed in Episode 3. Ghandia would approach Ted about an incident while they were sleeping the night before. According to her, Ted had been grinding against her in their sleep. Despite being embarrassed and ashamed by what happened, she and Ted managed to talk privately about what happened, with Ghandia admitting that she is a rape victim. Ted apologized firmly for his actions. Stating he didn’t mean anything malicious but he was sorry for hurting her and tried to reassure Ghandia she shouldn’t feel ashamed about what he did and speaking up.
It wasn’t perfect. Still, Ted apologized profusely for what he did, and it seemed like the two managed to settle the incident between them.
For a little while anyway.
Everything Breaks Down
Now it should be noted all this footage and the timeline is from the show’s edit, and likely won’t be sufficient in telling the complete story behind the camera. Regardless, this is what audiences saw:
Despite seemingly having some closure, Ghandia would approach the other women on her tribe after winning the reward challenge to vote off Ted, believing his excuse felt off. In confessionals and on tape, she admitted to leaving out his apology when discussing the plan but swore everything she mentioned to the girls was true. Brian Heidik (who we’ll talk about more later), was told by one of the women, Heidi, what was happening, and went to Ted to talk about it the next day. Ted would say it was a “long story” but he felt he rectified it, and Brian asked repeatedly to confirm that “nothing happened”. From there, Brian said in his confessionals it was case closed, and mentioned to Heidi that Ted affirmed “nothing happened”.
Ghandia would immediately be told by the women that Ted denied anything occurred, and ended this long game of telephone by punching a tree and getting into a blow out with Ted over him lying. Once again, as outlined by the Funny 115, what transpired seemed completely out of nowhere, at least in how production edited it. It’s seemed to be treated as a comedy almost by production, with the two yelling at each other while the tribe watched in complete disbelief. At no point did they step in, simply letting the situation play out.

[Ghandia]: To me, I got the feeling that you were trying to get with me.
[Ted]: First of all, I don’t need to get to you.
[Ghandia]: I know you don’t.
[Ted]: Second of all, I’m not even attracted to you.
Ted would try to clear the air about what occurred, but Ghandia was now convinced he directly told Brian nothing happened and was underplaying his actions the entire night. Though the tribe agreed to a clean slate, it was clear that they, and especially Ghandia, weren’t happy. She would immediately become isolated from the rest of the tribe, upset over Ted’s attitude and refusal to talk about what happened or with her at all, while the tribe seemed to take his position and pin her as being “dramatic”. Clearly at the bottom of the totem pole, Ghandia would try to convince the remaining women to vote with her in lock step and oust one of the men from the tribe after losing the immunity challenge. After two episodes of turmoil, and despite reservations due to believing Ghandia, Heidi would flip. Ghandia would be voted out in a 4-2 vote. If you can’t tell from everything I’ve linked and described so far, the cast was definitely not this season’s strength, and even Host Jeff Probst seemed annoyed with their antics.
[Jeff]: For the first time, I have a vote. I have no idea who it belongs to. Who wrote Bye Bye, Denver Diva? Whose the name
[Clay] Ghandia. Denver...uh Diva.
[Jeff]: In the future, write a name down ok? Enough with the nicknames.
Initially, there wasn’t much of a reaction about what happened. Ghandia had, in some form, admitted to using the incident as a game move and destroyed her social position at camp on camera, and that was enough to let the incident pass by without much upheaval. Fair or not, in simple game terms most saw it as a predictable and easy vote out that ultimately boiled down to Ghandia’s inability to let it go
It’s a good thing that Ghandia ”don’t play the blame game,” because she has no one to blame for her eviction but herself. And I’m not even talking about her reaction to Ted’s curious canoodling. (That whole situation is so murky I still don’t know what to make of it.) Even if you remove ”Survivor”’s first sexual scandal, Ghandia still by almost all measures played a pretty horrible game..
Ghandia would state something similar in her final words at the end of the episode about how she couldn’t drop the situation, believing she was partly at fault for not letting it go. At the reunion after the season, she would also publicly apologize to the audience and to Ted for hurting his family. Again, whatever was true, the entire situation has only gotten much more controversial as time passes. Even reactions today, while split, are also bewildered at the show’s handling, arguing over how Ghandia was treated by her tribe and what happened.
Regardless of how she felt then, Ghandia has definitely become more outspoken in recent years. In a recent interview, she clearly stated how awful the situation made her feel, and how production seemed to brush it off.
I know what happened and for it to be minimalized to such a small degree as that and not knowing that that was going to be said at the reunion … there’s like no sensitivity to the s*** because it was already labeled, they already had it how they were gonna play it,” said Johnson.
Ted would stay in the game until the penultimate episode, eventually betrayed by his old allies. Possibly because of the personalities of the remaining cast members (we’ll get to that) or because the season needed a more heroic character, Ted would go on to receive a relatively positive edit throughout. In follow up interviews he once again apologized for his mistake even if he perceived Ghandia and the tribe as having blown up the incident needlessly, but hasn't seemed to keep contact with most of his fellow contestants.
"It was truly an unfortunate mistake on my part. It had to deal with dreams. Even before that incident, I remember incidents where I had a vivid dream of a lizard attacking me and I was yelling and screaming and Mama Jan basically had to tell people to wake him up, get him out of this dream. Unfortunately that's just me. I have vivid dreams. And in that position with Ghandia at that time, I had an inappropriate dream, and I acted inappropriately. However, I don't take full responsibility for blowing the proportion out -- way out. But I do take responsibility for the mistake," he admitted.
In case you can’t tell by now, Thailand’s cast and production decisions are what make this season either a darkly interesting experiment or one of the grossest and worst seasons Survivor has ever created. The winner certainly did no favors either, as Brian Hedik would become one of the most infamous “Sole Survivors” in the show’s history.
Mr. Freeze
A car salesman (and porn star) who was great at charming and deceiving others, Brian is either one of the show’s greatest winners for his charisma and social dominance or a psychopathic person that makes this season almost unwatchable. He would have a heavy hand in controlling the narrative and manipulating his fellow castaways, creating alliance after alliance while miraculously convincing most of his allies he would be loyal to them and hardly receiving any blowback. His conversation with Ted about Ghandia, more specifically telling Helen that Ted said “nothing happened”, caused the incident to explode in extraordinary fashion. And that was just by episode four.
Dubbing himself Mr. Freeze in reference to acting cool in confrontations, Brian would wield massive control of the game on his journey to his eventual victory. Early seasons of Survivor placed heavy importance on being loyal and “heroic” when possible to win, largely a reaction to what many deemed to be Survivor’s “first villain” and season one winner Richard Hatch’s game (a story for another time). Brian however went the complete opposite route, this show was a “business trip” to him after all.
Really, he hits all the hallmarks of a classic villain, and while many fans agree his journey could be fascinating to watch for the right audience, fewer would argue its enjoyable whether due to its predictability or his personality. His tribe would vote their third member out by episode four, and would proceed to systematically eliminate the opposing tribe one by one until the penultimate episode with no break or upset in between. Practically no one was trying to stop Brian’s dominance, and the frozen dynamics and alliances made the game quickly go stale.
It also highlighted Brian’s more gross moments. From his disparaging remarks on women, to his constant talk about controlling people, to his unchecked cockiness. His family visit did very little to humanize him either, acting hilariously off put by his spouse’s emotional display while his fellow contestants talked about how hot she was. Once again, the controversial cast didn’t help, nor did the editing and pacing that made it hard to root for nearly anyone.
Proponents of Thailand will point to its hilarity; specifically, the juxtaposition of a cast of primarily southerners building a society in a habitat far different from their own. They will mention contestants like Robb Zbacnik, who famously brought a skateboard as his luxury item, and Helen Glover, one of the most badass "older" women to play - next to Janet Carbin - as reasons why this season is worth watching. But compared to the current era of Survivor, which is predicated on fluid alliances and shock and awe gameplay, Thailand moves at a snail's pace.
For such a vibrant location, the season hardly did anything to highlight the culture or history of Thailand like its predecessors did, and it should be telling that one of this season’s best moments was a reward challenge gone horribly wrong. The two tribes were supposed to run across a bamboo course and bring back baskets, only interfering in specific, extremely small “attack zones” to push an opposing castaway into the water and delay their progress. But just when it looked like they were set to win, one of the tribes began ignoring the attack zone rule entirely, dragging their opponents underwater and even grabbing a contestant by the throat to throw him out. The tribe would quickly lose after nearly their entire team was disqualified for breaking the rules repeatedly, and their reasoning was pretty interesting:
[Robb]: We got beat today dude, but it wasn’t by somebody better than us...we lost by a bunch of rules.
Again, the mileage may vary with this cast. Still, Brain was clearly the strongest and most dominant player. He’s even credited for conceptualizing the ‘goat” strategy. Not the Greatest Of All Time like you may know, but a player who, like an actual goat, simply follows a stronger contestant to the end and forces the jury to choose the one that clearly played the better game. This has become one of the most important strategies in Survivor, essentially guaranteeing your victory by ensuring your opponent is so unlikable or so unimportant to gain anyone’s respect.
Brian quickly singled out Clay Jordan as the easiest of his loyal allies to beat, the one who got choked out by our good friend Robb and annoyed Jeff Probst with that nickname earlier.
It was easy to see why Clay was picked as the weakest link to bring to the end considering his complete unlikability. An abundance of creepy moments, plus his treatment of Ghandia and other women overall, were clear black marks against him, and his reputation only worsened even as he remained part of Brian’s alliance. Perhaps this was best exemplified at the final tribal council, where both Brian and Clay were asked questions by the extremely bitter and nasty jury to prove why they deserve to win. Brian was lambasted by his allies and his enemies, seen as a paranoid backstabber who played ruthlessly and without regard for his fellow castaways. Yet, Clay seemed almost indignant about the questions, lashing out at the people who were going to decide if he would win a million dollars.
[Helen]: I’d actually like three, if you can come up with three, reasons for how you contributed to eight people having to survive on that island.
[Clay]: I did stuff everyday, I did a little bit everyday. That’s all I got to say.
The vote was close at least, with Brian winning 4-3 against Clay as Probst looked completely dead inside. Clay may have gotten close thanks to Brian’s attitude and backlash, but his horrible performance socially and throughout the game certainly did him no favors. Unfortunately, most fans weren’t left off on as nearly a happy note as Brian did.
As stated before, few fans or journalists were rushing to declare Thailand a great season at the time, with a largely expected ending and mediocre decline from the seasons before. The season still has its fans, and in some regards it works as a darker, brutally “honest” season of Survivor purely focused on the social clashes brought by people from different backgrounds living together. But it has been often criticized for its plenty of unpleasant moments and characters on top of a stale game. Poll anyone on subreddits or other forums, and reception seems to be all over the place, but a boring strategic game and awful handling of so-called grindgate are pretty common. The show’s innovations from past seasons didn’t pan out, with poorly executed twists like delaying the merge and forcing two tribes to live on one beach, or allowing members from any tribe to mutiny) and join the opposing team, having practically no effect on the course of the season except for hurting one or two contestants unlikely to win anyway. The challenges, while solid, for the most part have been overshadowed outside of attack zone ascending as a legendary meme, and the strategic portion of the game many loved was essentially based around the viewer’s opinion of Brian as a player and/or a person considering his complete dominance.
Probst was quick to call this the worst season he produced in 2005, and his opinion likely hasn’t changed in the over fifteen years since its airing.
They're going to hate me for saying this, but this final four of Brian, Clay, Helen, and Jan was the least likable final four ever. And that, in a nutshell, explains why Thailand is No. 9 for me. There was so much negativity, with Ted and Ghandia's he said/she said sexual ''grinding'' incident, and Robb strangling Clay during the ''attack zone'' challenge. And then you felt like you needed a shower after watching Brian play, because he was so sleazy. It was a mean-spirited season. There was a lot of hostility, a lot of ugliness, and that's not fun to watch. We love conflict on Survivor, but conflict that is fun to watch, not conflict that is uncomfortable to watch
Overall, despite plenty of supporters, fans for the most part seemingly haven’t been impressed in recent years either, ranking the season in the bottom ten for first watchers, while other popular Survivor podcasts like Rob Has A Podcast (RHAP) were even harsher in their retrospectives. The season did continue Survivor’s reign over television, becoming the third most viewed season in Survivor history, and its honestly difficult to call this the “worst” season despite all the controversy.. But Thailand has only aged worse in hindsight, and it's doubtful it’ll see a major resurgence in popularity like other seasons have.
While it’s difficult to say production learned from their mistakes in Thailand, the season
It has become infamous for its complete mishandling of what happened to Ghandia. As mentioned in my Island of Idols write up, the sexual harassment Kellee put up with was heavily discussed in relation to how Ghandia was treated, with many upset over what seemed to be yet another repeat of the show’s past mistakes over fifteen years prior primarily to sell drama. This incident remains one of Survivor’s biggest and earliest controversies, constantly referenced as one of the show’s greatest mistakes when discussing its lowest moments. Many argued that realistically production has no excuses with Kellee with their constant missteps and decisions.
We shouldn't be surprised. This is always how Survivor has handled issues like these. After Sue quit in All-Stars and even before Ghandia was voted out in Thailand, the conversation around the harassment stopped. When harassing comments were made about women in Survivor: China, Jeff never denounced it. This season, at the tribal council in which Jamal Shipman was eliminated, Jeff showed that he has learned from past mistakes by grilling Dan, the perpetrator. But where was the follow-up? Where was the apology from Jeff? The show has moved forward. Not everyone has.
This season would only see one returnee for Survivor’s eight season, All Stars, though apparently even that was due to executive pressure to have at least one contestant from each past season. Brain has all but been blacklisted by CBS and Jeff Probst, with constant behind the scenes feuds and demands he be paid to return ensuring he probably never will. He’s had quite a personal history before and after the show, getting caught in a domestic dispute situation which led to his wife allegedly assaulting him and the two being separated, as well as shooting a dog with a bow and arrow. But I won’t dwell on it further.
Ted hasn’t had much of a presence since the season’s airing, though did take part in an RHAP interview with other Black contestants recently to talk about the show’s treatment of minorities, where he would mention his treatment by other castaways but was blocked by production and Probst. While I haven’t talked about it much in this write up, the question of race on Survivor has always been a controversial one, especially in its earliest seasons, and especially during Thailand. Ted heavily questioned Clay on allegations that he had made racist remarks during the finale, and Brian similarly was alleged to have made comments about Ted needing to be voted out because of his race to another castaway. There’s a whole host of poorly aged moments dealing with the subject throughout Survivor, and this was no exception.
Ghandia has done numerous interviews since, though hasn’t spoken much with any of her fellow contestants. She has expressed her anger with production and Ted, and has frequently stated how horrible the experience was for her. But she added that she didn’t expect much different from the edit and agreed with her presentation on a very basic level. She even stated she’d be fine returning if ever asked.
[Ghandia]: I feel the edits were done for what they were meant to do: make the show interesting. I said what I said and did what I did, and I feel that the edits reflected what happened on the show. I mean, it's reality TV, and TV shows desire to make ratings. And that's what the edits do for the show: to make it interesting and to get ratings.
[EW]: Finally, would you play again if asked?
[Ghandia]: HANDS DOWN. One hundred percent! In my heart, I'm still a true Survivor fanatic. I still love the show and my time on the show, albeit short.
Thailand ultimately is hard to really sell to any interested viewers or a lot of veterans. A bad cast, bad strategy, bad pacing, a very controversial winner: it takes a very specific mindset going in for a first watch. Those people do exist, and I again stress there are several other awful seasons whether due to morality or entertainment that are actually worse, and Thailand even has plenty of people who love it. It’ll still attract fans as almost every season does, and even at its lowest peaks there are few who would place it in dead last if only for some golden moments and a handful of decent contestants. Still, almost twenty years later, it’s legacy continues to be remembered by fans new and old.
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Hello everyone! I was wondering if the lfp battery will come to long range and performance too, and if yes, when? I cannot find anything on the Internet 'couse I want to place my long range order! Thank you for your time!
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The title is mostly true. I've used Kiddion's modest menu for GTAV before but that's it. I want a skin changer that will almost guarantee that I won't get banned. Like if I run it on a usb stick or something. Lemme know y'alls opinions.
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So me (17m) and my gf (17f) had this talk and I asked her what her thoughts were on a ldr and she said that she was open to it and would stick with me but it depends on what happens (this is for uni and there is a high chance we could be going to different unis). So it would be nice if I could get some advice on how to maintain an LDR and keeping it healthy. Thank you
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Started a new section of my world for the EmpireSMP and need a few more people to join to help with having a fun experience for us all! If you want to help discuss rules with us I’ll inv to a discord server if ur interested (Will be trading, alliances, battles, events,etc)
If you watch Fwhip, GeminiTay, MythicalSausage, solidarity,etc and seen there empireSmp together you’ll get the idea lol
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Anyone else experience a breakout of tiny, itchy bumps around joints, hands especially? Had my 3rd infusion of Remicade in late September, and 7 weeks out, the bumps started. Got my infusion at 8 weeks, Nov 22, and they have not gone away. Wondering if this is a normal reaction, maybe the season changing is making my skin do weird things, just looking to see if anyone else has had this happen. Want to make sure it's not a bad sign. I'm also contacting my doctor, just looking for help here too, thanks everyone.
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Roommates just asked for my share of renters insurance out of nowhere after a year of living with them. But I don't know if my stuff would be covered if something happens since I'm not on the lease and pretty sure they didn't add me to the policy.
I really don't want to pay for a product that I can't use if something is stolen or damaged. I'm thinking about telling them if they think that's unfair because the complex requires them to have it then I'll compromise by getting my own policy that way everyone is paying something.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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