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2021.12.04 13:02 gigme643 [WTS] Jordan 3 Retro Patchwork Camo 11.5 DS $250

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2021.12.04 13:02 punnynfunny Between Worlds: Denied Operations Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen
Adam watched as a small sedan-like vehicle drifted around the corner of the narrow road and then proceeded to slam into the guard house in front of the manse. Obnoxious dance music blared from the front of the vehicle as Popper exited, clearly acting wasted.
“Who the fuck put a wall here?!” She yelled at no one in particular, before guards began to converge from around the lawns and walls, clearly seeking to investigate the loud disturbance.
“Ya’ cunts mind if I park here?” She continued, loud enough for Adam and Slip to hear from their position on the rooftop some fifty meters away. She then reached into a pocket on her Shil’vati equivalent of a hoodie, pulled something out, and pressed it with her thumb before tossing it away subtly.
The car then made a loud ‘pop’-ing noise, and burst into flames, eliciting panic amongst the guards as they attempted to investigate the belligerent drunk and quell the flames simultaneously.
“Heh, I’d guess that’s our cue.” Said Adam, glancing at Slip.
“Follow me.” She replied, activating her jump kit and pushing across the rooftop. Together they maneuvered around to the side of the compound, bounding across the rooftops. In short order, they dropped from the roof, hopped the fence, and took cover in the gardens, assessing their situation.
“This is our target,” said Slip, handing Adam her Omni-pad. On the screen sat a profile of a middle-aged Shil’vati woman, complete with chubby cheeks and graying hair. Adam was surprised to see a chubby Shil’vati, as all the women he’d met so far seemed incredibly in shape, even the few middle aged ones he’d seen in passing. He chalked that up to military standards though, and pushed it from his mind.
Taking the pad, nodding, and handing it back to Slip, they pushed through the low shrubbery. The noise, and even the occasional flickering light pulsing through the yard indicated to Adam that the guards would very much still be focused on the chaos at the front.
He and Slip pushed low and fast through the yard, eventually making it to a side door. Upon reaching the entrance, Slip gently slapped her left leg, drawing her pistol with her right hand. Adam put two and two together, inferring this to mean ‘stack on me’. Pulling his own pistol, he pushed his shoulder gently against the back of the woman in front of him. Briefly examining the large framed sidearm, he guessed that a small lever just above his thumb was the safety, and flicked it downward.
He put his left hand on her shoulder, and squeezed gently, eliciting her holding up three fingers, dropping each one in rapid succession.
Slip opened the door, pushing inside silently, Adam sticking to her like glue. The hallway in front of them was dimly lit, the denizens clearly having settled in for the night.
“Servants quarters” she whispered over her shoulder before continuing ever inward. Adam alternated between following directly in his partner’s footsteps and periodically walking backwards, ensuring that their rear was clear.
As they neared the end of the hallway, Slip held up an open palm at Adam, both stopping before they entered what appeared to be a large living room in front of them. She pointed a finger at herself, gesturing to the left side, then to Adam, followed by the right. He palmed her shoulder twice, signaling that he understood and was ready.
Repeating the same countdown from earlier, they burst through the archway into the room. Adam trained his pistol on the midpoint in the room, and swept it across as he rotated his lower body to strafe along the wall in his indicated direction. He was about to signal the clear for his side when he looked up, noticing two silhouettes on a balcony that ran along the edge of the two-story room.
They were clearly watching through a window at the inferno outside, as the guards outside desperately tried to quell the flames. He turned to Slip, who now had cleared her side of the room.
By this point she was kneeling by the stairs opposite the couple in the room, and beckoned Adam over with one hand. The stairs were an overly grandiose number, spilling down from the second floor, made of some alien equivalent of marble, with wooden banisters decorated in golden filigree. He pushed up the stairs with her in tow. The solid stone made no noise underneath him as he slowly climbed, sweeping his weapon across the hallway that sat at the top.
Satisfied that they were clear he began to move around one side of the balcony, with Slip flanking the pair from the other. He slowed slightly as he approached, hyper-aware of every small noise he made.
Heel to toe, heel to toe he thought as he crept ever closer.
He now stood slightly offset and behind from the larger of the two figures. Shooting a passing glance at Slip, he nodded.
He lunged at the woman, sliding an arm around her neck and kicking out the back of her knee. The seven foot tall woman fell predictably backward, with Adam jerking her towards the railing. He put his gun to her head, whispering:
“Make a sound, and this goes very badly for you.”
“You insolent woman!” The woman half-shouted through gritted teeth. Adam almost burst out laughing when he realized they had not coded this simulation for male involvement. She was about to continue when Adam decided this wasn’t his ballgame, and pistol whipped her across the temple. The woman fell silent, still conscious, but clearly dazed from the strike.
He paused to look at Slip, who was in the middle of pressing a small cylinder to the, now identified, male’s counterpart’s neck. Looking at his own quarry, he realized it was in fact his target, the nameless noblewoman supposedly needing to be removed for seditious acts in this scenario.
“Hey, it’s the VIP.” He said, nodding downward at the woman who was slowly regaining consciousness, looking more panicked as she did so. Slip tossed him an identical cylinder to the one she had used on the male, who was now standing quietly, eyes glazed over.
“Nightfel,” she clarified, “we use it to make extractions easier. Things tend to go more smoothly if your target can’t disobey orders.” She finished with a wicked grin. He promptly popped the cap on the auto injector with his teeth, believing it to function similarly to the epinephrine injectors he had seen the medics use in another life, and slammed it home in the big woman’s neck.
She jerked at the sudden puncture, but soon her gaze communicated the same brainless expression as her male counterpart.
“We taking him too?” He asked
“I don’t see why not? If he’s her husband, then he could be a useful pressure point during an interrogation.” She glanced at the woman and snapped her fingers, getting the nobles' attention. “Hey, you got a car? Where’s your garage?”
“Hmmmm,” said the woman, taking significantly longer to process than she should have, “Yeah, it’s on the first floor, Hallway behind the stairs. Heh, why’d I say that?” She said giggling, borderline slurring her speech.
Following the instructions, the group pushed around the balcony and down the stairway, bodily dragging their quarry with them. As they rounded the bottom, intent on making it to their escape, the woman piped up again. “Hey, you guyyys can’t kidnap meee… I’m a duchess hehehe!”
Shit, thought Adam, wish I had this back on earth!
“We’re not kidnapping you, Duchess, we’re just taking you to a party!” Said Slip cheerfully as she dragged the husband, clearly intent on using the suggestive powers provided by the drug.
“Ooooohh, I love parties!”
They made it into a perfectly manicured garage, a very sleek looking alien car resting inside. There was a garage door to the fore and aft of the car, indicating a back way out that wouldn’t take them through the hectic scene in front of the building. Adam stuffed the woman into the backseat with him, and Slip put her quarry in the front passenger side. She entered the driver's seat, and pushed a button on the console in front of her, the car rumbling slightly as it stirred to life.
“Hey,” said Slip to the male, “where’s the partition opener?”
“Hmmm… hehe it's here!” Said the male in a lighthearted, if clearly dead to the world, tone.
The door in front of the vehicle slid open, parting at the middle, and Slip drove forward onto a long driveway. As they pulled through the decidedly empty lawns on the almost ten acre property in the middle of a sprawling mega-city, Adam pondered the kind of wealth it would take to buy something like this back on earth. He had seen properties like this going for hundreds of millions of dollars in places like San Francisco before the war, and with the Shil’vati preference to ‘spread out’ instead of building vertically, probably made this compound even more expensive. He was snapped from his thoughts as they pulled up to a gatehouse on the rear of the property, manned by a single, very nervous looking guardswoman.
“Hey, we’re old friends that came to pick you up and take you to a party while your guards deal with the unpleasantness at the front gate. If your guard asks any further, just tell her to pound gravel, you're the duchess, remember?” Said Slip, turning her head slightly to look at the noble in question, clearly still drugged out of sanity.
“Oh yeah!” Said the Duchess with a giggle, “I’m in charge!”
They pulled up to the guard, Slip rolling down her window. Adam held his pistol below eye level, but clearly just waiting for the right moment to put several rounds through the woman. She was all that stood between himself and a successful extraction, after all.
“Who are you, and where are you taking the duchess?” Asked the guard incredulously.
“Oh, I’m Countess Andrelia Shel’fyarro, of house Shel’fyarro.” Said Slip, clearly hoping to bullshit her way through the encounter, “My dear mother got a call from her old friend, the duchess here, that some drunkard had crashed into her old friend’s front gate, and invited her over for a small party and drinks at our manse.” She finished with a smile at the guard.
“Uhhh, duchess, is this true?”
“Hmmm? Oh yes, party, drunkard, all that. Just open the gate and pound gravel, guardswoman!” Replied the bleary noblewoman.
The guard snapped to attention, delivered a rapid salute, and practically sprinted for the gatehouse, clearly intent on following the orders given with such a dismissive tone. Under normal circumstances, Adam imagined, annoying a noble to the point that they insulted you was more than likely grounds for termination from your job.
Much to his relief, the gate slid open in front of them, and they passed into the crowded city streets. As they exited the threshold, everything in the world froze for a moment, before going black.
He opened his eyes to the flashing green button of the sip-pod in front of him. He waited, still wrapping his mind around the events that happened just before when Grim opened the pod.
“Rise and shine!” She said, apparently borrowing another phrase from his native tongue. “We’ve gotta clear out, we already went over our allotted time slot. Pod fourteen technically should be doing their thing now.” Adam took off the headset and set it on a clip inside the pod wall before stepping out. The other members of his team were already outside of their respective tubes.
“Popper, what the hell was that?” Asked Adam jovially.
“Oh that little number?” She said after laughing, “I just modified something we’ve used in the past to distract guards before, added a little comp-m-seven and napalm for the shits of it, and then improvised from there!”
“Well it worked. I thought this was to familiarize me with how you guys normally operated though.”
“Well,” said the Captain, answering in Popper’s stead, “we had a slight change of plans. I realized that we don’t really have time to get you used to our operational style by tomorrow, and wanted to see how you’d react in a poorly planned operation, among other things.” She shot a glance at Slip, eliciting a blue blush from the younger woman. “We sometimes get fucked by command, and have to carry out a mission with tits-all intel and planning. I don’t like it, but I need to know that you can adapt and think on your heels.”
“Well ma’am,” he said as they filed out the doorway, “I’d like to think my actions over the past week have shown that to a ‘T’.”
“They have, but a successful sim mission will go a long way in calming the brass. Some of the command staff were decidedly unhappy with my choice in a new recruit, but they can go lick a dry clam. I know you’re competent, you know you’re competent, but they can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls.” She exhaled a breath before continuing, “The good news is that this, combined with your rescue of Ferry, along with your completion of selection should assure them I haven’t fucked up too bad.”
Adam nodded as they passed through the hallway that led back to the entrance of the converted warehouse. Coming through the door, he noticed a team of seven Shil’vati and one terrifying looking werewolf woman. They were all dressed in the same uniform as his team, the difference being limited to the patches on their arms.
As they passed, he noted them all shooting him glares, varying from suspicion, to intrigue, and finally anger.
“Holy fuckin tits Grim,” said a Shil’vati woman with a clipped accent, “I knew you liked the weirdos, but seriously? A fucking human?”
Pausing, Grim turned to the woman in question and seemed to be deciding on what to say.
“Colonel Ter’anyika, it’s been too long!” She said, using what Adam now knew was her ‘fake friendly’ voice, “Yes, I pulled him from that rock after he helped one of my commandos scalp a small army of rebels! You’d be surprised how useful he’s been so far, considering he’s a male after all!”
Fuckin bullshit politics, Adam had to remind himself, she doesn’t actually mean it.


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2021.12.04 13:02 kinwolf Speaker stands recommendations btw 4 sets

I looked at various threads on speaker stands and removed many genereic brands from my choices based on those, and wanted to know which one of these below would best fit our requirements for bookshelves speakers. We have 2 Elac Debut 5.2 speakers(each side of TV) and 2 Klipsch R-41m(surround)
Basically, what I would like to avoid is buying stands bigger then required since budget is an issue, but I don't want to get the cheaper ones only to have to rebuy something else in the future.
So far, I'm mostly hesitating btw the:
Monolith Monoprice (pricey, I can't get 4 of those. 2 at most if the others below would not do the job) Monolith Elements (2 for the same price as 1 Monolith, would they be stable enough for the Elac too?) Sanus NF 24 (set of 2, 50% more expensive then the Elements. Does it mean they are sturdier than Elements or not?) Sanus BF-24 (set of 2, same price as elements. Seems to use MDF, but no idea if it's better or worse then the NF or elements?)
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2021.12.04 13:02 metropoliti something I made bc I’m romance repulsed

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2021.12.04 13:02 KaleidoscopeFun6528 Sad me irl from losses...but noice beat

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2021.12.04 13:02 FallCompetitive7976 04-December I am still here

It is 04-December 16:02. I am cheated.
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2021.12.04 13:02 DavidX45 Will upwork listen to me

I had created two accounts mistakenly, the one I forgot actually which was a few years ago, but recently I got access to that because upwork asked me for "forgot password" option and they sent me the reset password link, before this option was not working for me. Now I just want to delete one account, because this is against upwork policy.
Again I'll mention that I mistakenly had done this, it was never my intention. Please let me know if there is any help I can delete the one account and just keep the one for usage. Thanks!
Anyone with similar experience, how did you deal with it
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2021.12.04 13:02 AllanAriza The Kingkiller Chronicle TV series adaptation

Watching Amazon's Wheel of Time series (Which I'm enjoying so far, despite the changes) made me think about the drastic changes that can be made on an adaptation of The Kingkiller Chronicle. What changes do you most fear to see on TV?
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2021.12.04 13:02 crazycatlady7349 Looks like there’s a current 40% off discount for the Winter Box, do they ever go to 50% off? What’s the highest discount you’ve seen lol 🤔📦

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2021.12.04 13:02 datesaremyfave Try Guys Bake Mac & Cheese Without A Recipe

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2021.12.04 13:02 pysouth I mainly lift because I'm insecure about my masculinity

Lifting has helped my mental health a lot, and I do enjoy it. However, probably 75% of my drive to lift and get stronger is because I've always felt far less masculine than other men, and I'm often around guys that work out a lot and are super strong and fit, and I'm insecure about it.
I love running, and if I didn't have this insecurity around being "manly", I'd honestly be focusing so much more on running and trying to be competitive (rather than just being "good enough" to run a given distance). Running is for sure my true love in terms of fitness and just as a hobby, but it's always on the back burner because I feel like I have to be strong and look strong or I'm less of a man. And I know if I want to be really competitive in the sport, I'd need to chill on the lifting a bit and lose a decent bit of weight.
I know it's stupid, but it seems to just be getting worse. Don't get me wrong, even if I wasn't insecure, I'd still lift here and there because like I said I do enjoy it and I think it's a good, healthy activity (even if my main reason for doing it is unhealthy), but I probably wouldn't be min/maxing it and prioritizing it over other things in life as much.
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2021.12.04 13:02 NFTOlympus 🎁[GIVEAWAY] 50 Blockasset | $9,000 worth | Upvote this post , as well as join Discord. Links in comments!

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2021.12.04 13:02 saki411 [US-CA][H]GSK Freedom Wooloo, Red Sun Solunar, Artisans [W]PayPal


GSK Freedom Set $500
GSK Freedom Wooloo $200
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GSK Freedom Set includes: Wooloo, Red Sun Solunar, Zed, Leo, Mandril, El Tiga, Gator, Hippy, Froggo, Nyxie, and Lexie.
Price + Shipping
Please Comment and PM. Thanks!
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2021.12.04 13:02 TotalSatisfaction6 ((🔴√))##>>LIVESTREAM:: Baylor vs Oklahoma State Live stream Big 12 championship game 2021 Live Streaming 🏉NCAAF/LIVE🏉~ Oklahoma State vs Baylor live stream (12/4/2021) Baylor vs. Oklahoma State Football 🏉NCAAF/LIVE🏉 Oklahoma State vs Baylor Football Live Stream

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2021.12.04 13:02 Pandoragirl123 What size should I get in the Gloria loafers

Hey, I was wondering if someone could help. I’m not sure what size to get in the LV loafers. I’m a size uk 5/38 with gucci I size down a whole size. I’m wondering if I should do the same with Lv Or do they run true to size? Any advice would be great!
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2021.12.04 13:02 dude_im_so_stoned Hi, Help please- PotatoShaders weird shadow on unlit surfaces

Hi, Help please- PotatoShaders weird shadow on unlit surfaces Hi!
Could anyone help me with this issue...? Overall I'm pleased with "potatoshaders", but I just can't figure out how to eliminate these weird buggy looking shadows on unlit surfaces. I tried normalizing the brightness back to 'moody' - played around with all kinds of shader settings...
If it is something that cannot be "fixed"; I'd be grateful if you'd share some less performance-hungry shaders. ( MC version is 1.18 optifine )
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2021.12.04 13:02 jobsinanywhere Surprise Surprise!After all, the Supreme Court is coming for women’s rights | Alwa Mahadawi

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2021.12.04 13:02 guzynx Tips for managinv morning anxiety🌿✨

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2021.12.04 13:02 PigeonFootFetish How to delete ingame progress without being on the game (GR breakingpoint)

My game suddenly stopped working and crashes every time I start up the game so, being inside the settings are not available. I want to know if there is a way to delete ingame progress to see if that would solve my problem. I have tried everything to fix the game, yet nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.04 13:02 justrepermin $ShibaElf (SHELF) | Stealth Launched | 3 Weeks Old |70K MarketCap | KYC’d & Audited | First Donation Sent

Holidays are usually the best time of the year for everyone, however some families and children aren’t so lucky.. ShibaElf’s main mission is to make a difference for everyone struggling during this holiday season and beyond.
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| How will ShibaElf make a difference? |
ShibaElf has major plans ahead. Operation Turkey and Toys For Tots will be their short term go to at the beginning. Partnerships and other means will be obtained along the way. ShibaElf will later transition into becoming it’s own charitable entity and has hopes to integrate NFTs into the mix. Those NFTs can later be tethered into providing donations through fees of minting, trading, and selling of those select NFTs.
| Token Information |
Stealth Launched November 10th
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