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Pretty sure my roommate bought an account.

2022.01.20 16:43 throaitawaynn Pretty sure my roommate bought an account.

Like the title says, my roommate hasn’t played fortnite in like a year, recently he took it back up and he’s been playing on my computer with his account, only thing is he’s got a different name and things like black knight which I know he didn’t have before. I’ve spent a lot of money on my account and I don’t want him to jeopardize it. What do I do?
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2022.01.20 16:43 2spoopymulder No makeup/punk kind of day (26F)

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2022.01.20 16:43 PrincessPeachFan2014 A simplistic character customization feature for a 2D/3D game

I've been thinking on a pretty simple feature (it's just purely cosmetical and the only thing that might change gameplay is if someone decides it should have advantages)
Games like Castle Crashers/BattleBlock Theater have a pretty simplistic artstyle in terms of the graphics and the characters, so I kept thinking on a game that had a character customization/creator feature that wasn't too extreme, but was still able to achieve lots of varied options.
Basically for a 2D game, the character is just a fully white colored character sketch (similar to the BattleBlock character) and the player gets a RGB pallete to choose it's skin color, then after that, you can pick between various hairstyles/clothes and the like. Instead of drawing various models with different clothes, the clothes/hair will just be an overlay that goes on TOP of the base sprite (similar to those old Flash dress-up games). That way, even with a simple base, you can make some pretty extensive customizations by just adding in hair, accessories, and other things that you could place on the character such as details on the face, and you'd also be able to edit the colors of every accessory. That way, you might be able to create lots of different concepts, or even species of characters, for example, you could add cat ears and some other details to make a cat-based character, and so on for many other concepts. The only problem would be drawing every single accessory and making them match with the animations, but games like Brawlhalla already have a separate body sprite system where anyone can do any animation because each character is just a bunch of separated limbs, so it might not be impossible.
As for 3D however, games like Dungeon Defenders already did a pretty simple yet customizable example of this idea. You can pick between multiple classes, each with their pre-set designs, but you can change a lot of the colors of their clothing/skin, and so on. You can even unlock skins for them which all have a lot of creative designs (and give gameplay advantages), and you can still change the colors of them, so even if the designs are the same, they'll still be unique in a way.
Aside changing colors, the players can unlock various accessories to place in specific areas of the character. Hats, masks, shields, bracers, each with unique designs and sometimes even different colors/patterns, so even if the game doesn't give many choice of the player's clothing or hairstyles, you can still customize the characters and make some unique designs. In case players would like some different types of clothing you could add different classes or characters that cover many clothing themes for their alternate skins, so the player could just pick the character and the skin, then color and add the accessories on top.
This idea isn't really the best, it might be more complex than the premise was, but I figured it'd be fun to have something like this since I don't think I ever saw a game that does it just like that.
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2022.01.20 16:43 FallofftheMap Give Antarctica to the Hindi and mean black people?

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2022.01.20 16:43 Citystar2000 How to comfort your wife through labor ?

My wife and I are having our first baby in August. How can I comfort her through labor ?
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2022.01.20 16:43 ashutosh29 Gonna try one drawing a day, any critiques are appreciated!

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2022.01.20 16:43 minnowleap Strawberry version

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2022.01.20 16:43 alancostello Home app automatically changing automation values from sensor

I have the QingPing Air Monitor Lite, using it to automate some air purifiers in my home. However for some reason the Home app keeps modifying an automation I created in to one that doesn’t actually work. I configured one so that “When the Air Quality rises above ‘Good’” it sets the purifiers to their lowest setting, however it keeps changing it to to “When the Air Quality rises above ‘Excellent’” however this isn’t actually a selectable option, as Excellent is the highest level and is actually greyed out. I’ve tried deleting and reconfiguring the automation multiple times but it keeps changing it. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?
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2022.01.20 16:43 reallynotreallykev Here you go, my new POOP NFT collection

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2022.01.20 16:43 ResidentEmotional606 Sensitivity change

I want to change my in game sensitivity from 1.5 to 1.8 But im scared it will ruin my aim
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2022.01.20 16:43 FitApplication8487 What players do you think will be in the free IM pack? I’d say IM versions of the players we get in the legends: worldwide clubs agent.

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2022.01.20 16:43 jteta12 Its minor compared to their assets under management but fuck ‘em!!

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2022.01.20 16:43 AtSevenBiTay AnimeHere

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2022.01.20 16:43 Be-Zen Gamestop: Rise of the Players

Gamestop: Rise of the Players Reposting due to my last post getting removed for mentioning 🍿 sorry Mods.
This documentary is being screened at 🍿 if you go to their site you can watch a trailer or get tickets.
I'm not here to shill or spread FUD but I find it incredibly strange that there is a documentary about an event that is still currently unfolding with copious amounts of misinformation and misrepresentation by MSM. I am genuinely concerned it may be used to push a narrative onto an uniformed public. However on the flip side, I am aware that it's not out yet and maybe it'll be an expose. I just wanted to put it on people's radar is all. Have a good day and be well folks.
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2022.01.20 16:43 sld_32 Full All star Roster Predictions Part 1 - Going off current (3rd) fan vote for the starters

Per Conference: 12 players total
Starters: 2 Backcourt - 3 Frontcourt
Reserves: 2 Backcourt - 3 Frontcourt - 2 Wildcard
Eastern Conference:
Starters: BC: DeMar DeRozan - BC: Trae Young - FC: KD - FC: Giannis - FC: Embiid
Reserves: BC: Zach LaVine - BC: James Harden - FC: Jayson Tatum - FC: Jarrett Allen - FC: Jimmy Butler - WC: Darius Garland - WC: LaMelo Ball
Injury Replacements (Top 3): 1) Fred VanVleet 2) Miles Bridges 3) Sabonis
Western Conference:
Starters: BC: Steph Curry - BC: Ja Morant - FC: LeBron - FC: Jokic - FC: Andrew Wiggins
Reserves: BC: Devin Booker - BC: Donovan Mitchell - FC: Rudy Gobert- FC: Paul George - FC: KAT - WC: Luka - WC: CP3
Injury Replacements (Top 3): 1) Dejounte Murray 2) DeAndre Ayton 3) Draymond
Please Note that these are going off the current Starters Voting that was released 1/20/22 (hence why Wiggins is a starter). Regarding the Reserves in the east, I really had a hard time picking which 2 get the last wildcard spots out of Lamelo, garland and FVV. Some might even put Bridges in this category which is totaly respectable as well. I understand why some people might prefer Sabonis in one of the 3 FC reserve spots considering he does have nice numbers but I just can't get over the record, especially since this is the first time in nearly 20 years the East is legitimately better than the West. A .500 record in the East atm Im pretty sure is a 10 seed so I can't really put him there. Also debated if Butler deserved a spot as well considering he missed a ton of games but with averages of 22, 6 and 6 with a 26 PER I gotta slot him in there, nevermind his absurd defense. Honestly some might pout abt Beal but as far as Im concerned he's a shell of himself this season and even though the team is hoverin around .500, his numbers especially shooting numbers turn me off.
Now with the West... There is something to be said regarding the formatting of the ASG. If there weren't positions taken into account my whole roster (especially the reserves) would be completely different. This is the weakest the frontcourt postion has ever been in the West in my opinion... a very underwhelming and disapointing number of players to choose from although some might think differently. Say what you want about KAT or Draymond I don't think either deserve to be an all star especially when KAT in't even averging double digit rebounds and Draymond isn't even averging double digit anything. I understand hes the best defender in the nba right now, hes my DPOY, but this is the all star game. In my book if youre not averging at least double diigits in at least 1 statistical category (POINTS, REBS OR ASSISTS) youre not an all star. Sorry but averages around 8, 7 and 7 don't do it for me. Cry me a river. When the starters are revealed on the 27th theres a good chance that Wiggins will not be one of the 3 names called for the FC which will lead to a bigger predicament because this means that one of PG or Gobert or even Draymond will get the nod as the third frontcourt starter behind Lebron and jokic and you know the coaches (who only vote for the reserves) won't vote wiggins into the reserves frontcourt nor wildcard. So whose the three FC reserves when this happens? I'd honestly put Ayton on there before I'd put Draymond. Ayton is averaging about 17 and 11 per game on the best team in the NBA as the third option. Those are great numbers for a third option, especially when theres 9 players on that whole team averaging 9 points per game or more. This means that even with everyone getting their fair share slice of the pie hes still puting up all star numbers as the third guy. Keep an eye on him. I have no comment really about the backcourt except the fact that it kills me Dejounte Murray will be the odd man out with averages of 19, 9 and 8.5 (and 2 steals!) while guys in the FC will make the team over him all because of these ridiculous format rules. Also like Bradley Beal I think Anthony Davis is a shell of himself and shouldnt be considered at all. Between his lack of effort and little amount of games played I really don't think he deserves to make the team as I do with the others I mentioned before however I wouldnt be surprised at all if he makes it due to the lack of options at the FC position.
Will update w a part 2 once starters are released
Let me know what yall think
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2022.01.20 16:43 jadobbins77 July of '85

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2022.01.20 16:43 AndrewOMitchell Coolermaster RGB stopped working after MSI motherboard update?

My Coolermaster PL360 FLUX worked perfectly on bootup. I updated my MSI Pro z690-A DDR4 motherboard and the fans work but the RBG lights including the display on the CPU cooler are all dark. I installed the RBG connector correct because otherwise it wouldn't have worked atleast 4 boots I guess.
I'm at a loss and the person who helped me build the rig says everything is plugged in as it should be.
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2022.01.20 16:43 flo_to_the_moon AG-Grid Tutorial with MongoDB (in German)

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2022.01.20 16:43 DepartureCharacter77 Are shampoos that are sulphate and paraben free actually better for our scalps? I have an extremely oily scalp and I feel like my hair aren’t clean after using them, they also feel dryer. Also should I be using a conditioner considering they make my ends oily?

I have straight thin hair with quite a bit of hair fall so basically my hair fall flat
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2022.01.20 16:43 Bonus1Fact "The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was conspiring with the head of the CIA because they didn’t like President Trump’s stance on the election,” @TomFitton. WATCH MORE: MORE:

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2022.01.20 16:43 Rossbug23 Question about a specific light for planted tanks

The light is the Sbox freshwater pro. I have been looking to start up a 125g planted tank, and someone in my area is selling a full set up with this light. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on the light. It is only a 45” light, but seems very strong. Wondering if this is enough for a 125g tank?
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2022.01.20 16:43 Noiseux18 Join the All Stars Club NFT Discord Server! Whitelist still open, most anticipated nft this year !

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2022.01.20 16:43 lundtwan27 Does this game have any actual nudity? At any level or payment?

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2022.01.20 16:43 NorthernPearl Costa Rican Wedding Officiant for Civil Ceremony/Elopement - February 2022

My partner and I are looking for recommendations for a trustworthy attorney or qualified wedding officiant near Jaco, CR that would be able to perform a very simple and affordable civil marriage ceremony for us this February. (Specifically February 22, 2022 - this date is really important to both of us and if at all possible, we would really like to stick with it!)
I did an online search and have sent emails to several law firms/officiants near Jaco beginning in September and have not heard back from anyone. Now I am in panic mode as we are flying out in about 4 weeks.
We are both from Canada and neither of us have been previously married.
If anyone has a great lead or local contact that I could get in touch with directly to assist with this, I would greatly appreciate it!
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2022.01.20 16:43 Defiant-World-2586 How I think oscorp and norman can come into power in the mcu

I think norman will setup oscorp by experimenting on the symbiote left by eddie. Oscorp maybe a failed biotech venture in the past and norman rebuilds oscorp ,using venom symbiote. I think oscorp was up and coming during homecoming and in competition with baxter building owner to buy avengers tower but the snap caused the downfall.
The symbiote can also cause the insanity of osborn to escalate. Mcu norman could have similar traits to dafoe but are kept in check by using medications. Norman would experiment with the symbiote and the experimentation causes him to lose control. However, I would not make norman the goblin. Norman in the mcu would operate as iron patriot. Ned or Harry can become goblin
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